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Vipaco- Confidently Affirming Brand Position in Packaging Industry

Officially put into operation in 2006, up to now, after more than 15 years of development efforts, Viet Packaging Production Application Investment Co., Ltd (Vipaco) has “stretched” to grow, confidently assert its position. leading brand in the field of packaging production. Today’s results are the crystallization of the tireless efforts and dedication of Vipaco’s staff on the journey to realize the aspiration of bringing “Vipaco boat” over the waves and conquering the “big sea”.

With the desire to bring Vietnamese brands to the international market, Vipaco has constantly invested in technology and modern production lines to create high quality, environmentally friendly products that meet standards. export. Vipaco has completely transformed from a small-scale enterprise – focusing on production for the domestic market to become a leading brand, a pioneer manufacturer in the field of packaging production. That change comes from the enthusiasm, dedication, right decisions of the leadership as well as the contributions of many merits, energy, intelligence and passion of generations of Vipaco staff and employees.

Vipaco market system after 15 years of establishment and development

To improve product quality, Vipaco is interested in innovating technology and production equipment; pioneer in investment and application of modern technology in management, control and organization of production; implementing the quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000….; Focusing on building a professional technical team, a technical team, dedicated and skilled workers, meeting the technical requirements of customers, including large markets. In particular, Vipaco is also a pioneer in the development of biodegradable, environmentally friendly plastic packaging products, so it is very well received by consumers.

Vipaco’s main product lines are popular in the market

Currently, export is still the main key and Vipaco has built a reputation in the international market when more than 70% of the company’s output is for export. In order to increase export turnover, Vipaco is interested in promoting trade promotion activities, exploiting markets, promoting brands, actively seeking customers with great potential to sign product sales contracts. … From these efforts, Vipaco’s products have successfully conquered 3 major export markets of Japan, the US and Europe – demanding markets, strict requirements on product quality and principles. environmental Protection. Particularly in the domestic market, Vipaco’s products of frozen food bags, zipper bags, drawstring garbage bags, PE shrink film… are increasingly conquering domestic consumers. With efforts to overcome difficulties, constantly improve product quality and increase competitiveness, Vipaco has affirmed its position in the domestic as well as international markets, becoming the “leading” and driving force. development for the Vietnamese packaging industry.

Along with efforts to promote production and business activities to achieve high efficiency, on the basis of identifying staff as an invaluable and leading resource, over the years, Vipaco has always paid special attention to care to improve the material and spiritual life of employees. In the process of production and business, the company focuses on creating a green, clean, safe and scientific working environment; ensure on-site health care, labor protection.. thereby helping employees feel secure to stick with the company. Thanks to always ensuring good jobs and life, taking care of social welfare, Vipaco’s human resources in recent years have always been highly stable, facilitating production and business, keeping the credibility with partners and customers row.

With the motto “Cooperation to build and develop together”, VIPACO affirms that it has been and will meet all the needs of customers. Understanding the market, Understanding the profession, Passion for service, Proactive approach… VIPACO is committed to bringing to the market a brand with sustainable core values, a firm commitment, and a vision towards the future. Sustainable and eco-friendly hybrid!





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