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Vipaco catches up with 4.0 technology trends with 3S iFACTORY smart factory solution

The 3S iFACTORY Smart Factory model is considered an inevitable trend to join the global supply chain in the era of integration and Industry 4.0. As the operating heart of manufacturing enterprises, the smart factory project will help Vipaco to optimize the problems of Quality – Progress – Cost. This is the distinct value of Vipaco – a pioneering brand, leading in the field of packaging production, using modern technology, creating the best products, meeting the strict export standards of the market. Japan – America – Europe.
Therefore, on December 21, 2021, VIPACO & ITG TECHNOLOGY signed a contract to deploy 3S iFACTORY Smart Factory Solution. The project is a step forward of VIPACO in realizing the goal of bringing businesses to breakthrough in the future.
Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – General Director of VIPACO shared: “Packaging is a super competitive industry, businesses that want to survive and develop in this industry need to make a difference. We consider quality and technology to be the most important factors that make the brand different. As for automation, we have invested 100% of production lines imported from Taiwan, Japan & Italy to create high quality packaging products. Regarding technology, we choose 3S iFACTORY solution to improve progress, product quality is the most important factor to promote the difference for businesses.

triển khai giải pháp nhà máy thông minh tại bao bì VIPACO

VIPACO factory is equipped with modern machinery lines completely imported from EU

According to the plan, in the first phase of the project, Vipaco will be able to deploy the 3S MES system to convert the number of production areas at two factories serving the domestic and export markets. The system is expected to digitize all processes from the input of input materials to the final stage of exporting finished goods. Previously, the recording of the factory’s production stages had to be handled manually. Worth mentioning, this process takes a long time, does not create a seamless connection in the data connection, so it is easy to encounter errors in production management and operation. Therefore, deploying 3S MES system with IoT devices will help statistics of production stages such as blowing, printing, cutting, trimming… in real time and quality analysis in the most detailed way.

Besides, the solution also creates a seamless information flow connecting between departments with the common production plan. In general, this will give management a visual view of the factory, and reap the immediate benefits of reducing paper waste and standardizing business processes.

triển khai giải pháo nhà máy thông minh tại công ty bao bì vipaco

Contract signing ceremony to deploy 3S iFACTORY Smart Factory Solution at Vipaco

    A highlight of the 3S MES system is the ability to set up the production scheduling function. This function will help the production manager to choose the optimal schedule arrangement in terms of cost and schedule in a completely automatic and scientific manner without spending much time on calculation and processing. Accordingly, when there is an order, the system will automatically calculate the balance of production capacity, plan and schedule accordingly. Work orders are pushed down to each machine and visually displayed on the chain of touch workstations in the factory. All is done automatically, with few touch points, and can be controlled remotely on the system; helps to limit errors caused by manual operation and, in particular, improves safety in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Hiep – Solution Director of ITG Technology shared: “The 3S iFACTORY solution will help solve three production problems at VIPACO. The first is process digitization, IoT devices can assist humans in recording output on the system in real time, reducing errors and using up to 80% of paper in the factory. The system also displays real-time reports, helping managers track progress, make decisions or handle problems more quickly, increasing work efficiency by 30-40%. Finally, 3S iFACTORY helps to calculate production costs, costs arising from materials, labor and depreciation of machines. This is a function that helps manufacturers optimize product capacity and cost.”

In the next stage, ITG Technology will focus on perfecting the core management process with the 3S ERP system. Believe that, catching up with the 4.0 technology trend in management and production as Vipaco has done will be a premise, a solid stepping stone for Vipaco to rise strongly, not only affirming the name of the packaging industry. domestic but also to meet more international markets.

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