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Transparent And Reusable Zipper Bags

Transparent zip bags or transparent zipper bags are considered as a “universal” bag because they have extremely high applicability and can be used for a variety of different business fields. This article of Vipaco will provide you with the most useful information about this bag that you cannot ignore. Let’s find out now!

   1/ Useful information about transparent zip bags you need to know
Transparent zip bags are bags made from primary PE granules (a type of thermoplastic resin popular in the production of packaging and bag products). The outstanding feature of PE plastic beads is good waterproof ability, durable, flexible and extremely friendly to consumers’ health.

Transparent zip bags are produced with a variety of sizes, designs and different zipper styles to meet all the needs of users. Besides, now transparent zip bags are also produced by packaging manufacturers like Vipaco on request in large quantities, you can freely choose and create packaging samples as you like. serve its intended purpose.

The size of transparent zip bags available on the market you can refer to: 4×6 cm, 5×7 cm, 6×8.5 cm, 7×10 cm, 8.5×12 cm, 10×14 cm , 12x17cm, 14×20 cm, 17x24cm, 20×28 cm, 24×34 cm, 28x40cm, 40x60cm.

   2/ Discover the great uses of transparent zip bags
In daily life, we can easily encounter transparent zip bags in many places. In terms of bag structure, transparent zipper bags are divided into 2 main types: transparent zip bags with edges and transparent zipper bags.

Depending on the intended use, you can choose the appropriate type of bag. This is also the type of bag used a lot by businesses and small and large businesses. Common applications and uses of this type of bag include:

– Transparent zip bags for food: Transparent zip bags meet the aesthetic, durable and safe factors for health, so they are widely used in food packaging and preservation. The product can hold both solid and liquid foods very conveniently.

– Store clothes, blankets: Pillows or clothes that have not been used for a long time can be folded and put in large zip bags to keep them new and avoid mold.

– Ziplock bags for small items: Small electronic components need to be preserved from environmental oxidation, needles, threads, buttons in garments need to be stowed or small items Else you can use transparent zip bags.

– Transparent zip bags for milk tea, drinks: With the advantage of being durable, flexible and good water resistance, transparent zipper bags are very suitable for business shops to use to store drinking water. For this purpose, you can print your logo, brand name, address, etc. on the bag to increase product promotion.

– Zip bags for medical applications: Transparent zip bags with small size, are used a lot by pharmacies to divide prescriptions for patients. Transparent bag material makes it easy to see the medicine inside. After storing the medicine, the bag can be reused to store other items.

3/ Can the transparent zip bag be reused?
Facing the problems of climate change caused by plastic waste today, many businesses and consumers ask a question “Can transparent zip bags be reused?”

Ordinary transparent zipper bags on the market today often have thin quality, poor plasticity, so the bag is easy to tear, especially when used to store heavy foods, the ability to tearing the bag, stretching the form of the bag is inevitable. Therefore, they are difficult to reuse many times.

However, the transparent zip bags produced by Vipaco can be reused many times because we create packaging products from PE primary plastic beads with outstanding durability and flexibility. Not easy to tear through many uses.

Compared with normal zip bags on the market, transparent zip bags at Vipaco give your business a packaging solution at a good price, are environmentally friendly and can be reused for many other purposes. together.

4/ Order transparent zip bags at factory price at Vipaco
If you are in need of ordering transparent zip bags and want to find a unit that specializes in manufacturing and distributing packaging with cheap price, outstanding quality and professional service, then Vipaco is the name you can feel free to choose as a partner.



For transparent zip bags, Vipaco is currently a bulk supplier for large and small businesses nationwide. We always have a variety of designs and sizes of transparent zip bags for customers to choose from. In addition, if there is a need to use bags with separate sizes and designs, Vipaco supports you to produce zip bags as required for orders in large quantities.

Hopefully this article of Vipaco has helped you better understand the transparent zip bag that is rated as a universal bag today. For more advice on models, prices as well as sales policies at Vipaco, please do not hesitate to call the hotline number of Vipaco staff who are always ready to support 24/7.

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