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Check Out 5 Outstanding Vipaco Events in 2021

At the end of the year, this is the time when people look back on the year through what was achieved and what was not achieved, what needed to change as well as give direction for the new year towards new successes.
In 2021, the Vietnamese economy faces many challenges, a year of raging natural disasters and epidemics that seriously affect the production and business situation of businesses as well as the lives of Vietnamese people. Male.
In that context, thanks to the efforts of the whole Vipaco boat, from the Board of Directors to each employee in the company, it has contributed to helping the Vipaco boat overcome difficulties and aim for certain success in the past 1 year.
Let’s look at the highlights that Vipaco has achieved in the past 1 year with Vipaco:
01. April 2021- Vipaco shines at Vietnam International Trade Fair
From April 14-17, 2021, Vipaco and its booth A1-A2 participated in the 30th Vietnam International Trade Fair, at the ICE International Exhibition Center with many practical and useful activities. for our partners and customers.
Receiving the attention from a large number of customers who came to visit, Vipaco feels very honored to have the opportunity to exchange and advise on European standard quality packaging products, frozen bags, food bags. products, drawstring garbage bags… to our customers and partners.
The fair took place extremely successfully and well, an opportunity for Vipaco to meet many new partners as well as strengthen friendship with customers who have trusted and accompanied in the past time with Vipaco.

02. June 2021- All staff of Vipaco have joined hands to contribute 200 million VND to the Vaccine Fund for Covid 19 Prevention.
In June 2021, promoting the nation’s tradition of solidarity “Mutual solidarity, mutual love”, with the spirit of “fighting the epidemic like fighting the enemy”, with deep affection and responsibility, Vipaco contributed 200 million to support the prevention and control of the Covid 19 epidemic.
It’s very beautiful, during the difficult time of the epidemic, not only Vipaco, but hundreds of thousands of businesses, organizations and individuals all joined hands and unanimously contributed to support the Vaccine Fund – Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control. The beautiful actions that are spreading in the community not only make life better, but also the spiritual motivation to help defeat the epidemic.

03. August 2021- Vipaco donated 5000 rolls of drawstring garbage bags to concentrated isolation areas, large hospitals in Hanoi Capital & City. Ho Chi Minh.

04. November 2021- Vipaco products are covered at Aeon Mall supermarket system

5. December 2021- Vipaco signed a contract to deploy 3S iFACTORY Smart Factory, opening a big turning point in realizing the goal of bringing Vipaco to breakthrough development in the future.

On December 21, 2021, Vipaco and ITG Technology signed a contract to deploy the 3S iFACTORY smart factory solution. This is an important turning point of Vipaco, creating a solid foundation for Vipaco’s breakthrough developments in the future.
The 3S iFACTORY Smart Factory model is considered an inevitable trend to join the global supply chain in the era of integration and Industry 4.0. As the operating heart of manufacturing enterprises, the smart factory project will help Vipaco to optimize the problems of Quality – Progress – Cost. This is the distinct value of Vipaco – a pioneering brand, leading in the field of packaging production, using modern technology, creating the best products, meeting the strict export standards of the market. Japan – America – Europe.
In the coming time, Vipaco will constantly innovate, improve product quality, improve competitiveness in order to bring customers the best products and services. Deserve to be a reliable partner of customers.
Vipaco hopes to continue to receive the trust and cooperation of customers in the coming years.



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