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Why Zipper Bags Are The Optimal Food Preservation Solution Chosen By Many Businesses?

Zipper bags are currently the solution used by many businesses to preserve food. This type of packaging not only protects the food inside from the effects of the external environment, but also contributes to environmental protection, quick recycling and keeping the full flavor of food. Here are some reasons why businesses should not ignore Zipper bags.

Zipper bags are a packaging trend in the world

Not only Vietnam, developed countries around the world are also gradually turning towards environmentally friendly packaging products to protect the health of consumers and ensure environmental hygiene.

Zipper bags after use can be recycled, causing less harm to the surrounding environment. This is a factor that helps customers trust and rest assured to use this product.

Safe for consumers’ health

Vipaco zipper bags are manufactured from HDPE material, which has been certified to be safe and healthy for consumers. Food inside is separated from smoke, dust, moisture and bad influences from the outside environment.

Especially with the airtight design by zip line, the bag also helps to fully protect the flavor of the food. The nutrient content is also kept the same, so customers will receive the quality of the product inside as expected.

Affordable price

One of the reasons that businesses should use Zipper bags is the affordable price. Depending on the quantity, design and individual requirements of each business to decide the price of the product. However, the quality that customers receive is always worth what they have spent.

Not to mention, if you order in large quantities, businesses also receive many incentives such as cheap prices, free packaging design, free logo printing, home delivery… The problem is that businesses must find it. Give yourself a reputable, quality Zipper bag manufacturer to trust.

Vipaco Packaging – The number 1 place to supply Zipper bags today

If customers are wondering and do not know how to choose a Zipper bag production address to meet their needs, please come to Vipaco Packaging today. With us, customers will receive countless great benefits such as:

Vipaco Packaging is confident with 15 years of experience

15 years of operation in the market and making an impression in the hearts of customers is 15 years of efforts and persistence of Vietnamese Packaging. We always consider the customer as the owner and always want to bring customers absolute satisfaction.

Although there are a series of companies specializing in packaging production, Vipaco packaging still stands and receives the trust of customers. Simply because coming to Vipaco, customers can work with professional staff, comfortable working space, many attractive incentives and affordable costs.

In the future, we will increasingly learn, improve our skills, innovate production to bring customers more perfect and quality products.

Vipaco’s product lines are popular in the market

Vipaco Packaging is labored with many international certifications

Thanks to its continuous efforts, Vipaco has been honored to receive many certificates of merit and many international certificates affirming its prestige and standard brand. Specifically:

  • Quality management system- ISO 9001 standard;
  • Environmental management system- ISO 14001 standard
  • Energy management systems- ISO 50001 . standard
  • Social responsibility standard- SA 8000 . standard
  • Management Standard 5S\

Large scale production plant

We specialize in giving customers trust thanks to our reputation for product quality and on-time delivery. Not only has a dedicated and highly skilled staff, but Vipaco also operates a large-scale factory and modern production lines to meet the expectations of the number of products that customers require.

Modern machinery lines, leading technology

We believe that customer’s happiness is the driving force of Vipaco Packaging. Therefore, to create great products like today, Vipaco has invested in modern machinery combined with leading printing technology. Some machines can be mentioned at the company such as:

  • High speed single layer blower
  • EVOH 5-layer blower
  • Roll cutting machine line
  • Taiwan Heat Cutting Machine
  • Automatic garbage bag folding cutting machine
  • 7 color automatic printer
  • Roll Splitting Machine
  • High speed T-Shirt bag cutting machine line
  • 5 Layers Stretch Film Machine
  • 3-layer, 5-layer blowing machine…

                                          Vipaco always focuses on improving equipment
If customers want to know more information about zipper bags and discover attractive offers at Vipaco, please contact us today. Our staff is ready to serve and answer all your questions 24/7.

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