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Why Biodegradable Food Storage Bags Are Increasingly Popular?

Biodegradable food bags are a product that is being searched a lot in recent years to replace plastic bags. So what is a biodegradable food bag? Why is this bag so popular? Find out more with Vipaco.

1/ What is a biodegradable food bag?

If in the past plastic bags were commonly used to store food, now consumers are tending to choose biodegradable bags instead. As the name suggests, simply understood, biodegradable food bags are bags that are biodegradable when released into the environment, under the influence of microorganisms and other natural conditions such as light. , temperature, humidity, catalyst…

2/ Benefits of using biodegradable food bags
Instead of plastic bags as before, consumers are now willing to spend a larger amount of money to use biodegradable bags for many different purposes, the most common of which is to store food and food. . Because this is a bag line that brings two outstanding benefits, which are safety factors for health and environmental friendliness.

Safe for health: The main material for making biodegradable bags is derived from nature, so users can be completely safe from the threats of plastic to health, especially when storing food. Accordingly, it is made from natural materials to help people reduce the risk of exposure to harmful substances such as BPA, phthalates. In addition to processing completely biodegradable natural bags, there is no need to burn, just bury, so it does not create harmful gases that cause cancer and birth defects such as dioxins, furans.
Environmentally friendly: Fully biodegradable bags can completely decompose into inorganic substances and biomass without any harmful residues in the environment. Moreover, the amount of biomass generated can be used to produce biofertilizers for plants to help regenerate green ecosystems. This is a great benefit that humanity aims to create a sustainable ecosystem for future generations.

3/ Where to buy biodegradable food bags?

The demand for biodegradable food bags is increasing day by day, which means that the supply market is also extremely diverse and expanding. However, in fact, not all products labeled “self-destruct” are capable of completely degrading. So if not carefully researched, consumers, even businesses, easily fall into the situation of buying fake goods, both losing money and potentially dangerous to health.

As a unit specializing in the production of plastic packaging with 15 years of experience with the development orientation to become one of the Vietnamese brand packaging companies with international stature, contributing to improving the green and cleaner earth with products. For products that are biodegradable in nature, Vipaco is proud to be the address providing environmentally friendly plastic packaging for thousands of businesses, leading the line of food bags, biodegradable garbage bags.

Vipaco’s export standard factory

What are the advantages of biodegradable food bags at Vipaco?

  • Imported plastic resin material, product quality assurance
  • Safety for the user
  • Environmental friendliness
  • No plastic smell, no harmful substances
  • Preserving food fresh for a long time
  • Various models, many sizes, preserving many different types of food

Especially because it is a direct producer and importer of raw materials, so the price of biodegradable bags at Vipaco is always competitive. With businesses and loyal customers, Vipaco always has attractive discounts and incentives for long-term cooperation.

For more detailed support and advice, contact us at Hotline 0221 376 7968.

Hopefully, the information shared above has helped readers as well as businesses better understand the product line of biodegradable food bags, the benefits when using and the experience when ordering.

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