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What Kind of Garbage Bags Are Safe For Your Health?

Every day we use plastic bags to store garbage to keep the house clean and hygienic. But are all trash bags safe and friendly with the environment? Invite you to find out with Vipaco through the following article!

1. Black trash bag
Black trash bags are currently the most popular bag in many families today. The materials used to manufacture this bag are Polyethylene (PE) resin and other additives. However, this black trash bag is not self-biodegradable, some will not decompose into harmless substances, others decompose very slowly in the natural environment.

Poor quality black trash bags contain high levels of lead and cadmium during production that can be harmful to human health, which can directly affect the brain and lungs.

In addition, the composition of formaldehyde or tributylin in the paint used to print words on garbage bags is dangerous to human health. These substances can penetrate the skin, leading to the risk of dangerous diseases.

Identifying characteristics of poor quality black trash bags, toxic to health: rough surface, visible to the naked eye, many particles, impurities, bad smell, bad smell, …

2. Colored garbage bag

When going to the supermarket or going to the market, housewives often have a habit of keeping plastic bags containing goods to store household waste.


These cheap plastic bags have a fair level of transparency and surface gloss. Poor flexibility, a certain hardness, easy to fold, creating a clear rustling sound when rubbed (so often called a foam bag).

They are quite fragile, so when storing a lot of trash, they easily tear, and these bags are also not able to decompose, easily generate toxic substances when burned, pollute the environment, cause clogging of the sewers. … if littering indiscriminately.

The colored plastic bags also contain metals such as lead, cadmium, if stored processed food, it will harm human health.

3. Biodegradable garbage bag

A biodegradable garbage bag is a disposable garbage bag. However, the biggest difference is that this bag can be decomposed in soil, water, in industrial environments, … with a short decomposition time, thereby reducing the amount of waste plastic. environment.

In addition, during the decomposition process, the bag will not release harmful substances in the environment, but will turn into CO2 and H2O or become environmentally friendly organic substances. As a result, it helps minimize harmful factors, pollutes the environment, negatively affects human health, and gives you a clean and fresh living environment.

Besides, the material for biodegradable garbage bags is PE that is safe, so it does not affect the health of users. Moreover, the price of biodegradable garbage bags is not too expensive, many sizes meet all the garbage storage needs of your family.

To ensure health and protect the environment, biodegradable garbage bags are the first and indispensable choice in your home.

4. Vipaco biodegradable garbage bags

Every time you take out the garbage, you are always uncomfortable because the dirty garbage gets in your hands and the smell of the garbage rises up because conventional garbage bags do not have a bag tie, greatly affecting your health and living environment. . Roll up the garbage bag with a Vipaco drawstring will help you eliminate that worry.

Vipaco Cordless Garbage Bag is a biodegradable garbage bag made from HDPE and self-destructing additives. After being used, the bag will completely decompose into CO2, H2O and beneficial biomass for the environment. Especially, the bag is durable and sealed, so all kinds of garbage with water will be transported durable and sealed so that all kinds of garbage with water will be transported without leaking dirty water out.

The bag is thick and sturdy, not easily torn like conventional bags. The drawstring biodegradable garbage bag is packed in rolls of different colors and sizes for consumers to choose from.

The drawstring garbage bag with a drawstring makes cleaning the house quick. Small wastes such as scrap paper, candy peels, fruit peels, … will be collected quickly to make your living space clean and tidy.

The bag is designed with a variety of sizes, can hold a large amount of waste, so after you put the trash in, you can tie the bag and bring it to a place for easy disposal, not worrying about dirty hands.

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With the above information, Vipaco hopes to help you get the right choice for you and your family’s needs in choosing garbage bags, saving money while protecting your health and the environment.

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