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8 Selection Standards for Safe, High Quality PE Film

PE film is a thin plastic film used to wrap all kinds of goods with the purpose of avoiding all impacts from the outside environment as well as all impacts. PE film is the optimal choice of many individuals and businesses with the advantages of saving on packaging costs, easy to use … … On the current market, PE films are widely sold, diverse in prices and quality. amount of samples. Low quality PE film will affect the level of cargo protection, making transportation more perishable.

Join Vipaco to learn about safe, seasoned and quality PE film selection standards so that your goods are always safe during transportation.

1. Tensile strength
Tensile force is the property that withstands the material breaking force. Quality PE films must have a high tensile strength value greater than 400kp / cm2. Achieve that value of strength, even if you stretch as much as possible without the PE film breaking in the middle. To have that durability, the PE film must be blown from pure plastic particles, not adulterated.

2. Tear strength

Tear strength is the material’s resistance to the tear or tear force required at the moment when it is torn. This is an important standard in manufacturers who need high quality, decisive to the end use.

Different purposes will require different tear strength. The packaging of potato chips requires low tear strength, which is more beneficial and convenient for the user. As for PE film, it needs a higher tear strength to be used with industrial machinery, helping to preserve goods safely during the long haul.

3. Resistance to impact

This is the impact resistance of PE film when used to pack high-weight goods. Thanks to this ability, the goods are further protected with a highly durable PE film, so you don’t have to worry about impact during transport. You can test this by dropping an object on a PE film, and then measuring the relative force required to enter or break the material.

4. Flexibility

High quality PE film must ensure flexibility to suit the needs of product packaging. This is the critical property required in PE film packaging equipment. The film is too hard, it will not be able to put into the packaging machine, on the contrary, the film is too soft, it will easily tear, the packing will be more difficult.

5. Heat resistance

Heat resistance is the minimum requirement of PE film. To be able to operate in a packaging equipment, PE films need good heat resistance, not melt at high temperatures or brittle at low temperatures. In addition, during transportation, the goods cannot be avoided in places with extreme weather, high or low temperatures, so good heat resistant PE film is required.

6. Gloss and opacity

This is a criterion you can easily see with the naked eye. High quality PE film is white transparent, colorless, odorless. You should avoid yellow PE film because it is made of unhealthy plastic so it cannot keep the white color. In addition, the milky opacity will lower the transparency of the PE film, losing the product’s appearance.

7. Moisture resistance

Rainy weather or humid conditions are easy to spoil or mold goods. Therefore, the moisture resistance of the PE film is a factor you need to consider when packaging products. The ability to resist moisture will keep the goods from mold, always in the best condition. Special carton, clothes, coffee beans, cocoa…. Good moisture resistance is required even in wet weather or weather conditions.

8. Resistance to grease

Thanks to the ability to resist moisture, easy to use, low cost, and ensure aesthetics, PE film can also be used in food wrap. Fat in the membrane permeates food and damages packaging and other goods. To determine grease resistance, place a heap of fine sand saturated with oil, then place the test piece on top and top with a piece of absorbent paper. Make a note of the time it took and the marks left on the paper.

Above are 8 criteria to choose high quality safe PE film, hope that here will help you easily buy the best quality PE film, safely, helping you to pack products.

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