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Vipaco’s products impressed custommers at the conference “VietNam Products are favorite customers in 2021”

With quality products, eye-catching designs, lively layout, in the first 2 days, Vipaco booth attracted a large number of visitors, shopping for a variety of food bags and bags. Freezing, drawstring garbage bags- #European_standard_quality.

At this special event, Vipaco feels extremely excited and proud because through the fair, Vipaco’s European-standard quality products have come closer to Vietnamese consumers.
We invite our partners and customers to visit and experience shopping for quality products of Vipaco with very attractive offers #BUY_1_GET_1
🎯 Time: 8:30-20:30 From December 1 to December 5, 2021
🎯 Location: Booth No. 23-24- Melinh Plaza Ha Dong Trade Center- To Hieu Street, Ha Cau, Ha Dong, Hanoi
Vipaco is pleased to welcome our partners and customers!

                                            “VIPACO- EUROPEAN PRODUCTS FOR MILLIONS OF VIETNAM FAMILY”

P/s: Some pictures of Vipaco booths at the Vietnam Goods Fair are loved by consumers in 2021




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