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Vipaco on the 3rd day at the Vietnam Goods Fair which is loved by consumers in 2021

Vipaco’s booth continues to be visited by a large number of customers and partners, especially many customers are very impressed with Vipaco’s #frozen_bag products- Not only helping to preserve fresh food for a long time, but also US SAFETY IN MICROWAVE

And through the product lines of quality food bags, Vipaco wishes to contribute to the meals of millions of Vietnamese families with a fuller taste of love and care for every corner of the Vietnamese home, which is always clean and tidy with the product line of bags. Vipaco cordless garbage.
Especially with the attractive offer #BUY_1_GET_1, this fair is an opportunity that customers cannot miss to own quality products of Vipaco.
Vipaco cordially invites businesses, partners and customers to visit Vipaco booth at the fair:
– Time: 8:30am – 8:30pm from December 1 to December 5, 2021
– Location: Melinh Plaza Ha Dong Trade Center- To Hieu Street, Ha Cau, Ha Dong, Hanoi
Vipaco is pleased to welcome our partners and customers!

P/s: Some pictures of Vipaco booths at the Vietnam Goods Fair are loved by consumers in 2021



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