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Vipaco was present at the Vietnam Goods Fair which is loved by consumers in 2021

The fair “Vietnamese goods are loved by consumers” in 2021 is the convergence of hundreds of high-quality Vietnamese products from 30 provinces and cities across the country. Vipaco is very honored to participate in this special event.

This is an important bridge for Vipaco’s products to come closer to Vietnamese consumers, and at the same time, a great motivation for Vipaco to continue innovating and making efforts to create more quality products. to deserve the trust of consumers.
Vipaco cordially invites businesses, partners and customers to visit Vipaco booth at the fair:
🎯 Time:
– Opening of the Fair takes place at 3pm on December 1, 2021
– Fair period from December 1 to December 5, 2021
🎯 Location: Melinh Plaza Ha Dong Trade Center- To Hieu Street, Ha Cau, Ha Dong, Hanoi
Vipaco is pleased to welcome our partners and customers!

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