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Vipaco Workshop: Company Development Orientation And Sincere Sharing From Employees

Every month. Vipaco opens a Workshop for all employees in the company. Wishing everyone a better understanding of the company’s direction as well as wanting to hear words sharing the enthusiasm of fellow brothers in the same battle line. Thereby, the company knows the strengths and weaknesses of each person to come up with appropriate strategies.

  • Lãng hoa tươi thắm chuẩn bị tặng cho người anh cả của Vipaco.

Finish the Workshop, all employees in the company left with a happy mood. Everyone has new knowledge, some people can express their views, some people can prove themselves. With the “Giving to receive” criterion, the company leaders hope that in the next Workshop, there will be more shared stories, more experiences being passed on to each other. Thereby, we develop ourselves together as well as help Vipaco become stronger and stronger. See you in the Workshop next time with new useful things.


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