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Vipaco- The Future For Eco-Friendly Packaging

Currently, the environment is one of the issues that the whole society cares about. One of the leading factors affecting the environment today is plastic packaging. Packaging affects the environment is what makes packaging manufacturers worried and always looking for the best solution to overcome this problem. As a pioneer in the application of modern technology in the packaging industry, Vipaco always focuses on investing in modern technology lines to create high quality products that meet European export standards. and environmentally friendly.

The impact of packaging on the environment

Packaging is a product made from plastic used to pack and store a product. The packaging is designed thin, light, compact, convenient for carrying around. Not only that, but packaging is also reducing the burden on the hands and limiting the cumbersome in carrying goods.

Because of such advantages, many packaging industries are born, producing thousands of tons of packaging annually to serve the needs of consumers, in supermarkets as well as in retail stores.

However, because of the composition of the packaging from plastic, a problem posed is that the degradability of the packaging in nature is very low. It takes decades to decompose plastic plastic bags and the effects of plastic packaging when it seeps into the soil or floats into the sea has very serious consequences. Packaging affects the environment by floating in water, making it difficult to breathe for marine species, through the soil because it exists for decades and cannot decompose.

Currently, although packaging causes great damage to the environment, due to the lack of suitable and more convenient materials, every year in the world, fabrics generate thousands, hundreds of tons of packages, especially bags. packaging used once in the environment. The packaging discharged into the environment has serious consequences for the natural ecosystem, the life of plants and animals and on human health itself.

Vipaco – Understanding the pain of the environment with the packaging industry

Understanding the harmful effects of packaging to the environment, Vipaco always tries to bring customers the best quality packaging products. In particular, Vipaco’s research staff always tries to create biodegradable, environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging products better to help protect the environment. Below are some improvements that Vipaco has made to contribute to environmental protection.

The problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic packaging

Focusing on sustainable development

Vipaco’s packaging products have always been focused on producing with the criteria of sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Trash bags, food bags, Vipaco frozen bags, and Vipaco’s strategic products are all biodegradable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly product lines.

Vipaco’s biodegradable products are favored in the market

Vipaco understands the environmental pain in the packaging industry, the current environmental problems and always tries to create products to minimize negative effects of packaging on the environment.

The plastic chemicals used to produce the packaging used by the company have a origin that ensures safety for health, and has higher decomposition than other packaging products on the market. Therefore, Vipaco’s packaging always ensures safety for the environment and contributes to limit negative effects from the packaging.

The environmental pain of the packaging industry is also lessened thanks to improvements in the production and use of materials that are safe and sustainable for humans and the environment.

Investment in green technology

Green and friendly packaging technology is one of the solutions that Vipaco uses to contribute to environmental protection. The company always focuses on using advanced and high quality packaging production techniques to better meet the needs of consumers.

The technologies used to manufacture the packaging are strictly, carefully examined, and highly demanding in order to create packaging products that are safe for consumers’ health as well as safe, eco-friendly. school. This is also the direction that Vipaco aims to minimize the types of packaging affecting the environment, ensuring sustainable development in the future.

Our machinery equipment is 100% new imported from Germany, Taiwan, Italy such as 3-layer blowing machine, high-speed single-layer blowing machine, EVOH 5-layer blowing machine, roll cutting machine line, cutting machine. Automatic garbage bag folding, automatic printing machine, coiling machine, high quality T-shirt bag cutting machine line, 5-layer Stretch Film Machine …

Machines and production lines of Vipaco are the most modern and most advanced equipment in the packaging industry today.

Packaging products of Vietnamese packaging always meet two requirements: consumer benefits and environmental friendliness. Investment Company Limited Production Packaging Viet and the staff always try to produce the best packaging products, harmonious with nature, contributing to the sustainable development of today’s society.

Vipaco Packaging Factory

International certificate

Vipaco always strives to bring “green” solutions to the packaging industry and provide the best quality of life. As a result, we have received many proud international certifications:

  • Quality management system ISO9001 standard
  • ISO14000 standard environmental management system
  • Energy management system ISO 50001
  • Social responsibility standard SA8000
  • 5S Management Standards

Limiting the production of packaging that affects the environment is how Vipaco expresses its responsibility to the interests of consumers as well as responsibility for the whole society in particular and environmental issues globally in general. If you want to cooperate, please contact Vipaco on hotline 0221 376 7968 for support.

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