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Decoding Symbols On The Package

When you use food packages you often see symbols for food packages that you do not understand what they mean. See the article below to join Vipaco in decoding what those symbols mean.

Common packaging symbols

The symbols on food packages are mainly on types such as vegetables, fruits, plastic bags, plastic bottles, cosmetic cream tubes, … are manufactured based on international regulations. Each type has its own symbol to help consumers easily distinguish and evaluate. Below are the symbols printed on food packaging that you will often see:

Number symbols: number 3, number 4, number 8 and number 9
Symbols with multicolored circles: blue, red, white, yellow, ..
Symbols of colored boxes on the cosmetic tube: green, blue, black and red.
Symbols with “symbols”: thermometer, cup, arrow, umbrella, letter sign, ..
The number symbol floats on the bottom of the bottle
Meaning of symbols on food packaging

Symbolized by numbers


Symbols with the usual numbers you often see on sticker stamps are stuck on fruits, fruits, .. not only to help employees easily look up the code to pay customers, but the numbers start. On that code, it also makes sense to help buyers distinguish what is quality organic fruit, which has undergone the treatment process or not to know how to choose to bring safety and ensure health.

You should pay close attention on the sequence of numbers that are on the stamp on the fruit, if the following numbers appear first, you should consider before choosing to buy:

Number 3: means that these fruits are treated with ionizing radiation. This is the technology to improve food quality, hygiene and safety, helping to preserve food for a long time.
Number 4: is a fruit grown by agricultural methods, using the right amount of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, .. does not have a great impact on health.
Number 8: genetically modified fruit, mainly imported from European Union countries.
Number 9: organic fruit is the fruit grown in accordance with the strict regulations of the certified organic producer.

Symbolized by the circles “rainbow colors”

This food packaging designation you will see on the plastic bags of the bags of oxygen cakes, snacks, .. under the team code. These are symbols for manufacturers who want to print, print more colors for a variety of products. But no own intentions.


Symbols of colored boxes on cosmetic tubes

This symbol you often see on the type of cosmetics such as cleanser, sunscreen, .. are evaluated separately for each color. The purpose of this color marking is to implicitly reveal the origin of the ingredients that make up the product:

  • Green: natural ingredients (from nature)
  • Blue: includes 2 ingredients: natural and some pharmaceuticals
  • Red: Chemical accounts for 90%, nature accounts for 10%
  • Black: 100% chemical

Symbols with “symbols”
Symbols are symbols on the packaging of other labels such as thermometer, arrow, umbrella, …You can compare the symbol table below will clear:

The number symbol floats on the bottom of the bottle
It is a symbol of food packaging with a triangle, numbered inside, under a triangle with a capital printed letter cleverly placed by the manufacturer located at the bottom of the bottle.

Number 1, symbol PETE: commonly found in soft drinks bottles, shampoo bottles, .. Meaning: can be recycled but need to be washed
Number 2, symbol HDPE: often found in milk cartons, yogurt bottles, … Meaning: recyclable
Number 3, symbol V: found in plastic bags, shampoo bottles, .. Meaning: Very toxic, not recyclable
Number 4, symbol: LDPE: found in plastic food bags, .. Meaning: recyclable
Number 5, symbol PP: found in the ketchup bottle, … Meaning: recyclable
Number 6, symbol PS: found in plastic trays, plastic cups, .. Meaning: very toxic, can not be recycled
Number 7, OTHER symbol: found in juice bottles, large soft drink bottles, … Meaning: not recyclable.


Those are some of the symbols printed on the most common food packaging today that you may not know the meaning of symbols on the food packaging that you use regularly every day. Hopefully, the information on this article about food packaging symbols that Vipaco has just shared will help you understand the meaning of each symbol and choose safe food packaging for your health.

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