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Vipaco Organizes Periodic Health Exam For All Officers And Employees

Implementing the goal of sustainable development, in which the human factor is the center, decisive for all success. Over the years, in addition to the salary, bonus and welfare policy, Vipaco has always put the issue of health care for employees first. In order to inspect and generally assess the health of employees, to help employees feel more secure and engaged with the company, on the afternoon of November 27, Vipaco organized periodic health checks for all staff. ministries, employees.

Bustling atmosphere at the periodic health examination of Vipaco employees

Recognizing the importance of the health check-up program as well as the concern of the Board of Directors of the Company, all Vipaco employees have arranged time and arranged work to be present at the site. examination point.

During the health examination, each Vipaco employee was provided with a full range of services such as: eye exam, ear, nose, throat examination, medical examination: blood pressure measurement, cardiopulmonary listening, height and weight measurement; Blood test (indicators assessing liver function, kidney function, blood sugar, hepatitis B …)

Vipaco’s staff and staff are excited to participate in periodic health check-ups

For a long time, periodic health checks for employees of the company have become a beauty in Vipaco’s corporate culture to take care of employees’ health, stabilize production forces and strengthen cohesion. between employees and companies. This is also the basis for Vipaco to evaluate the impact of the working environment on the health of human resources, so that it has a plan to assign jobs suitable to each individual, improve the working environment and contribute. part of implementing Vipaco’s policy of taking care of employee’s life.

Once again, we would like to thank Vipaco’s Board of Directors for always having meaningful activities to motivate and care for the lives of all employees. We wish Vipaco family a lot of health, always stand shoulder to shoulder to build a house for development and further development.
Some pictures of Vipaco’s regular health examination 11/27/2020:

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