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Should Use Zipper Bags for Food Storage?

In every household, there is certainly no shortage of cute little boxes or food wrap, the food zipper bag is also the ideal product that many people love because of its convenience, cleanliness and price, quite reasonable.

Besides specialized food bags, the Zipper bag is the ideal product for storing food

Zipper bag – Safe product for storing food

Most Vietnamese people use plastic bags or plastic containers of unknown origin to store food in the refrigerator but do not foresee the consequences of this problem. These products, after being manufactured, do not undergo sterilization, so harmful substances or harmful organisms that affect human health still remain.

But food zipper bag is different, this product is made from safe PE with durable, supple properties, with claw lock on the edge. Therefore, it can withstand high temperatures from outside such as cold or hot, not degenerated, very safe for the health of consumers. Just close the edge of the bag, the bag is very tight, the contents will not be penetrated by the outside influence, the foods will be preserved in the freshest way. Another standout feature is the reusable zipper pocket.

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly

What makes zipper bags safe for the health of users is that the raw materials for manufacturing are safe and friendly with the environment. It has excellent heat resistance, from -60 degrees C to 110 degrees C to help preserve food well, safer for users. If there is no need to use the zipper bag, you can also take it for recycling into other products, ensuring no harm to the surrounding environment.

Keep the dish taste fresh and delicious

Zip bags can be used to store all kinds of food, from vegetables, raw meat and fish to dry foods and liquids. Just swipe the edge of the bag to close the zip to create an extremely safe environment for dishes. Thanks to that, the food always looks fresh, attractive, and retains its original flavor.

In addition, dry items stored in zipper bags will not be moldy, smelly unpleasant. And drinks will not be leaked to the outside, very convenient to transport.

Bring convenience, save time when using

The edge of the key is made very simple, just rewinding is done, but it is still safe to use. In addition, users do not need to spend the effort wrapped in layers like other bags to avoid leakage to the outside. Even some food zipper bags are designed in the form of standing to hold drinks such as milk tea, peach tea, Thai tea … One thing that few people expect is that zipper bags can be used in the microwave when food needs to be thawed and reheated.

Zipper bags are also food containers that are extremely useful products, but they are related to food, so it is very important to pay attention when choosing to buy products. On the market today, countless types of poor quality bags appear, which will significantly affect the health of users. That is why consumers should look to reputable addresses to order zipper bags for careful advice.

Vipaco- A leading manufacturer of prestigious zipper bags

With the goal of becoming a leading manufacturer in the field of packaging production in Vietnam, Vipaco has constantly invested in equipment, machinery, research and production capacity improvement. To develop sustainably and stably, the company specifically focuses on core values, packaging solutions to maximize business efficiency and protect the environment.

Vipaco continuously improves its modern production line in order to bring the best quality packaging products. When customers come to Vipaco’s packaging, they can be assured of both the price and product quality. Because the company’s motto is sustainable cooperation with partners, continuously increasing the value of cooperation between the parties.

Modern production line of Vipaco

If your business needs to choose zipper bags for their products, Vipaco Packaging is the first choice. Please quickly contact our company for a detailed consultation. Vipaco will ensure that you will get the most satisfactory packaging with the best price.

For any questions, please contact Vipaco directly via Hotline 0221 376 7968 Our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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