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Vipaco Employees Enthusiastically Respond to Voluntary Blood Donation Day 2021

Deeply aware of the importance and human meaning of blood donation to save lives, on October 26, Vipaco officials and employees enthusiastically responded to the “Voluntary Blood Donation Day at Pho Noi Industrial Park”. A in 2021″. This is a practical activity, a noble gesture showing the spirit of solidarity for the community and the whole society of Vipaco employees.

Vipaco officials and employees come to participate in voluntary blood donation at Pho Noi A Industrial Park in 2021

Donating blood to save lives is a noble gesture, participating in blood donation contributes to the proud tradition of “Love your people as if you love yourself” very proud of our nation. “A drop of blood to give – a life to stay” that humane spirit has become a cultural beauty of Vipaco, a benevolent act, a noble gesture, bringing hope and life to the people. a lot of sick people. Therefore, in recent years, the voluntary blood donation movement has attracted a large number of Vipaco staff members to participate.

Propaganda by the Executive Board of Vipaco Trade Union from the previous days, on the morning of October 26, when the blood donation day started, Vipaco staff and employees gathered a lot at the blood donation site. Every member of the Vipaco family has a bright smile on the face of each member of the Vipaco family as they extend their arms to donate their warm blood, contributing to the community’s precious blood fund.

Vipaco staff register to participate in blood donation

After donating blood, Vipaco employees happily saved themselves memories. The smile of the blood donors that day was a smile of happiness when shared, a smile of sympathy and consensus for the meaning of “Vipaco joins hands for the community”
Once again, Vipaco would like to express our sincerest thanks for the noble deeds of Vipaco officials and employees. A drop of blood gives, a life stays. Hopefully the message “Donate a drop of peach blood, give a life” and that compassionate spirit will spread throughout Vipaco in many charity activities behind.
Wishing all employees of Vipaco a lot of health, peace and happiness in work and life!
Some pictures at the Voluntary Blood Donation Day of Vipaco officers and employees


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