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Car Tires Made From Recycled Plastic

German tire company Continental introduced the idea of ​​​​technology using more than 60 water bottles to make the edge of a tire for a set of 4 car tires.

More than half of the raw materials used in the German tire company’s Conti GreenConcept are recycled or from renewable sources. According to Continental, future tires could be even greener.

Lốp ôtô với ý tưởng làm từ chai nhựa tái chế trưng bày tại triển lãm ôtô Munich, Đức. Ảnh: Continental

In addition to being renewable, the tires use bio-based materials, such as natural rubber from dandelion, silicate from rice husk coal, vegetable oil and turpentine, allowing for a significant reduction in materials. made from crude oil.

Plastic is only a part, 17% of the other materials come from recycled steel and carbon black. However, it is worth noting that the first use of polyester made from recycled plastic.

Polyester is used for the edge of the tire and Continental says more than 60 bottles can make a set of four tires. This will not be limited to the concept (concept) as the company plans to introduce ContiRe.Tex technology next year.

With the use of recycled plastic, the tire will become a green, lightweight component, with only about 7.5 kg, which is 40% lighter than a regular tire. Reducing weight also helps optimize the tread, using a special sidewall pattern, and a new sidewall design.

Concept tires designed with eco-friendly models in mind allow for very low rolling resistance, about 25% lower than the best in the European tire specification system.

Continental is introducing and displaying tires using recycled materials at the international auto show taking place in Munich, Germany.

Source: Vnxpress

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