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The Story About the logo of Vipaco

Viet Applied Investment For Packing Production Co., Ltd (Vipaco) is a leading company in the field of plastic packaging production in Vietnam and has conquered many difficult markets around the world such as the US, EU and With a professional working style, on-time delivery, Vipaco has always been highly appreciated and trusted by customers for cooperation over the years. Through the meaning of Vipaco logo, customers will understand more about the values ​​that Vipaco is committed to bringing to each customer in the present and in the future.

🌼 Vipaco Company logo is stylized from the first letter of the brand name Vipaco, which is the abbreviation in English of the company (Viet Applied Investment For Packing Production Co., Ltd – Vipaco), also the trading name. The Company’s foreign country in export activities.

Established in 2006, with the desire to reach out to the big sea, conquer international markets; With the prestige and quality of products that create the brand, Vipaco’s products have built a brand, and are increasingly popular in three major markets in the US, Japan and EU – The most difficult markets in terms of quality. product quality and have the most stringent requirements on environmental protection standards.

🌼 The circular symbol of the logo is the symbol of the manufacturing industry, representing the field of activity of the Company. At the same time, it is also a symbol of strength, sustainable development, a strong connection between departments and divisions of Vipaco, between Vipaco to customers, and between Vipaco and partners, demonstrating the motto activities of Vipaco- “Construction cooperation for mutual development”.

🌼 Logo #Vipaco is a delicate combination of 4 colors: blue – red, yellow – black. These are 4 typical colors in the printing industry and are also symbols of Vipaco’s product quality. Produced on modern European technology lines, each Vipaco packaging product is printed with sharpness, color, toughness, and durability. Vipaco Packaging is not just an ordinary product, but it is the essence of the packaging industry, the beauty, strength and value of a brand.

Vipaco’s biodegradable garbage bags are very popular in the market

🌼Out of the 4 colors of the logo, the color red has the best color fastness, which means Vipaco offers products with high durability and certainty. The red color represents the enthusiasm, passion and aspiration of Vipaco’s staff and employees who always strive and constantly innovate to bring high quality products to satisfy all requirements of customers. .

🌼 Green color brings freshness, freshness, meaning that Vipaco always aims at green – clean – friendly # environmental #, protection # # health # products of consumers. At the same time, he also showed Vipaco’s spirit of optimism, belief in the future and prosperous development.

🌼 Black color represents sustainable and stable development, demonstrates a strong internal energy source that is constantly developing with strategic visions to catch up with the trend. Vipaco will constantly reach out and expand its market.

🌼 Yellow represents immutability, the color of wealth, prosperity, prosperity, the color of aura and victory. Vipaco Company will develop forever and sustainably over time and will always make a deep impression on customers’ mind with outstanding product quality, best price, perfect service and companionship throughout the journey. long-term development line of customers.


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