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Protective Film

Protective Film



PE’s full name is Polyethylene. It is thermoplastic which is used in all the world. Protective film PE is thin plastic film coated with acrylic by PE.

Blue PE film is formed by blow extrusion and dyed with a green chemical solution. Products are used in the production of light-emitting plastic sheets, glass, touch screens, LCD screens, PCB boards, … This film is also used to protect, prevent dust, scratches on surfaces. product.


● Product Application:

1. In metal industry: Product is used in the manufacture of computer cases, aluminum sheets, galvanized steel sheets, stainless steel plates, glass panels, solar panels, …

2. In the photovoltaic industry: Product is  used in the manufacture of LCD liquid crystal display devices, reflective panels, phone screens, …

3. In the plastic industry: products are used in preparations of ABS, PP, PVC, acrylic boards, instrumentation, plastic glass panels, paint spray surface protection, …
4. Printing industry: the product is used to protect the surfaces of printers, PVC, PC boards, aluminum sheets, plastic sheets, …

5. In the manufacturing industry of electric wire, cable wire: anti dust, pollution on winding, semi-finished products, finished products, copper wire, …

6. In electronic manufacturing: to protect the finished and semi-finished products to avoid scratches and impacts on the production lines.

7. In phone manufacturing: screen stickers, phone protectors.


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