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PE Shrink Film

PE Shrink Film


– Material: HDPE

– Size: 200 – 900mm.

– Thickness: 0.03 – 0.07mm



1. What is heat shrink film?

Heat shrink film is thin plastic film that will shrink when subjected to high temperatures, used to shrink (wrap) goods to protect them from harmful effects from outside: impact. , dirt, mold, Gift basket wrap by heat shrink film drying In today’s days, heat shrink films are manufactured by stretching and orienting blown film: plastic pellets melt at temperatures close to the end point It then cools suddenly, creating a structure for the shrink film.The principle of operation of the thermal shrink film will be completely opposite to the production principle of the heat shrink film as follows: when under the influence of intense infrared The strength or heat vapor will cause the molecules to melt and adhere to the product.
2.There are many type of heat shrink film in market.

On the market today, there are many types of thermal shrink films with different sizes and shapes, suitable for each different purpose, but basically there are the following types:

-Pof Heat Shrink Film: is a shrink film made from POF (Polyolefin) plastic particles that are light, flexible, thin, have good elasticity, very good waterproofing, good heat resistance, reasonable price, and food safety.
PVC shrink film: made from polivinychloride plastic, thick, brittle, hard, poor waterproof, not safe for food.
-PP shrink film: is a shrink film made of glossy Polypropylene (PP) particles, good heat resistance and waterproof, but easily torn when there is a scratch on the surface.
-Pet shrink film: made from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic particles with high mechanical strength, high heat resistance, food-safe pet shrink film, and high waterproof ability.
-Shrink film: made of PC plastic (Polycarbonate), is durable, good air-repellent, has high heat resistance, is safe with food, but has a high price, so it is rarely used.
-PE-shrink film: made from PE (Polyethylene) plastic particles with a rather soft characteristic, quite good elasticity, thin properties, good waterproofing but poor air resistance, and swelling when the film continues Contact with essential oils.

3. How to use heat shrink film

To make effective use of shrink films, you must adhere to the following rules:
Step 1: Carefully wrap the product with heat-shrink film: you can cover the entire product or just cover the parts you want to wrap and leave a surplus of about 2 cm at each edge to fix their position.
Step 2: Illuminate the infrared ray or blow hot air into the heat shrink film: all or part of the shrink film is left over before, maintaining the temperature until the shrink film has adhered to the product packaging.
Step 3: Cool the product: stop supplying the air-cooled heat source.
In practice, thermal shrink films are usually shrinking extremely quickly using either hand-held dryers or infrared shrink-based film shrinkers. With this manual action it will save time and money to wrap products with shrink film


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