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Agricultural film

Agricultural film



Product is used in agriculture. Most commonly used in vegetable cultivation in many countries, Agricultural film  is believed and applied  in method of vegetable cultivation by many farmer households. So how do you know about it? what function of mulch film?  We will show you all informations about it.

1.What is agricultural  film

Farmer usually call this is “carpet”,For crops season productivity optimization, most farms use agriculture plastics mulch film. We will easily see thin gray film in many vegetable growers with different sizes in length and width. Normally, an agricultural mulch will last from 3 to 6 months depending on the quality and preservation of the farmer.


2. Advantages of agricultural  film.

The most noticeable advantage in gardens using agricultural plastic mulch film is to limit pests and diseases, prevent the growth of plants and weeds, regulate the humidity in the ground, and save money. water and fertilizer. These advantages are useful for households growing agricultural crops because it helps to increase the growth of trees to help farmers achieve higher yields without spending too much nutrients on plants.

3. Uses

When you start using agriculter plastic mulch film, you will notice that agricultural mulch has two sides with two different colors. The silver-gray side of the mulch has a reflective function to reflect sunlight on the underside of the canopy grown on the mulch, minimizing the influence of pests under the canopy. The black side reflects sunlight to the ground to prevent weed germ growth. Therefore, during use, you should note that the gray side of the film must face upwards, the black side face down to the ground to maximize the use of the agricultural mulch.



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