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Vipaco Frozen Food Bags- Being a part of your family’s happiness 

For each person, happiness can be a success on a career path, making a lot of money, buying a nice house, a beautiful car … But in fact happiness is simply going home to enjoy family meals warm, idyllic.

Accompanying every Vietnamese family is a convenient Vipaco bag of frozen foods, which keeps the freshness of food in every family meal.

  • Vipaco frozen food bags with European quality standards, PE plastic material, preserving food for a long time while still maintaining the freshness, full taste.
  • Compact roll design, integrated serrated line for convenient pocket division
  • Suitable for storing raw or cooked foods, not afraid of causing odors in the refrigerator.
  • In particular, the bag is SAFE TO USE IN THE MICRO, helping you to defrost food very easily and quickly.
  • Smart design with bag body can record date / month of storage, it is very convenient for you to determine the shelf life of the food to be preserved such as: start date of food, time to use product, expiration date of product.

Let Vipaco Frozen Food Bags contribute to your family’s happiness!

Product information

Product Type Food Packaging Bag Vipaco
Brand Vipaco
Made in Vietnam
Size 2L- 15 x 34cm- 31 Bags/ Roll4L- 20 x 40cm- 51 Bags/ Roll

8L- 25x 50cm- 31 Bags/ Roll

Material PE Plastic
Heat resistance Below100 ° C
Utilities Using in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven
Advantages – Long-term preservation of fresh and delicious food, preserving flavor

– Thawing easily in the microwave

– PE plastic material, safe and healthy

– European quality standard

Use A food bag after fastening is able to hold heat and prevent air penetration, helping to preserve fresh food for longer.
How to use Put the food in the bag, tighten it and put in the refrigerator, freezer
Note – Hot food should be refrigerated before placing it in the bag

– The bag can be safely used in the microwave



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