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Food Bags

Food Bags

Weight: 300 – 450mm
Thickness: 0.02mm
Use at temperature -40˚C to 110˚C




Food Bags


Today, Today, Keep food in the refrigerator has become a Vietnamese habit. However, improper management of the housewives feel uncomfortable when the food is not delicious or the food smell is strong in the refrigerator. Understanding this, today, Vipaco introduces you to a safe and convenient food bag for biosafety. New products safe the world for users and healthy environment. Onions made from HDPE, a self-destructing additive without any harmful substances, ensuring food safety. Capable of keeping heat, preventing the entry of air, preserving food in the refrigerator. The bag design has a convenient core and tear line.


width: 20cm

pack: 200 bags

Material: HDPE.

instruction of maintenance:

  • use at temperature under 100˚C.
  • Don’t using in microwave.


  • Keep in dry places.
  • Far from children

Date: 36 months when manufaturing

Food Bags are used to contain some foods such as vegetable, meal, seafood, candy


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