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How to Choose a Safe Food Bag

Women ‘s food bags are quite popular and are commonly used in daily housework. But do you know how to keep food safe? What kind of bag has good material, hard to damage when used to ensure food hygiene and safety. Let Vipaco immediately discover how to choose and what to note when using through this article.

1. What kinds of food bags are there?

Classified by material, currently on the market there are 2 types of food bags that are widely used, the most popular are PVC and PE food bags.

– PE food bags are white, clear, flexible, easy to touch, easy to pull off the wraps, tough when stretched, easy to burn, fast burning, yellow flame, do not turn off and smell like the smell of burning candles.

Safe and quality food bags

PVC food bags have 2 types: containing additives DEHA or DEHP and the type does not contain these two additives.

– The biodegradable PVC food bag is usually ivory white / light yellow (the type that does not contain DEHA / DEHP is white), soft, slightly sticky to the hand, rarely stretched, hard to burn, often burning when burning with direct fire, when burning accompanied by blue fire, pungent smell.

This type is safe for human health, self-destructing, friendly with the environment.

– Food bags made of PVC of unknown origin are often used with additives DEHA / DEHP to increase transparency and flexibility.

According to the Department of Food Safety, this is a substance banned from use in the production of food wrap, because it contains toxins, easily leaches, contaminates food upon contact, adversely affects the health of users.

So this type of food bag is not recommended for production and use, but still appears on the market, consumers should be careful when choosing to buy.

2.How to choose safe food bags for health

– To choose to buy quality food wrap, safe for health, you should choose products from reputable brands, reliable distributors, stores, supermarkets.

– When buying PVC food bags, look carefully on the product’s packaging with information that does not contain the newly purchased DEHA / DEHP additive, but if the product’s packaging does not say anything, you should choose another product.

– Do not buy products at the flea market, of unknown origin, origin, super cheap price, only from 8,000 – 9,000 VND / roll of food bags.

– You should choose clear white food bags because they are usually made from PE and PVC that do not contain DEHA or DEHP ingredients.

– Test contact with the food bag, if the hand adhesive is low, the bag is smooth, you should choose to buy, if it is very sticky, you should choose another product.

– If you can try it, you can burn the food bag, if you see the film is flammable, has yellow flame, does not smell, drips a few drops of oil, the candle smell is PE film, it is worth buying.

3. Notes to remember when using food bags

– Most of the food bags sold on the market today can be used in refrigerators and microwaves, if you want to choose a food bag that can be used in the microwave, you should carefully review the information and choose the right product. I want to.

– When using food bags, you should wait for cooked food to cool down and then put in, do not use when the food is hot above 70 degrees C

– In addition, you also do not use food bags for liquid foods, containing a lot of grease, acidic, highly alkaline like pickles, salad dressings…

– For fruits with lots of water such as pears, apples, watermelon… tubers such as cucumbers, cucumbers, beans, carrots…you should use food bags to maintain the amount of nutrients and freshness for a long time.


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