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7 Amazing Benefits Of PE Shrink Film

PE film, also known as chip film, is being used in many different fields of life. From families with food wrap to the process of product packaging or covering to protect them, … All of this is thanks to the great benefits that PE films bring. So what is its benefit? Along with Vipaco learn through this article offline!

1. What is PE film? What are the properties of the PE film?

First of all, we should know that PE (Polyethylene) is the name of a thermoplastic – it is a organic compound made up of ethylene groups linked together by hydrogen saturated bonds.

Simply put, PE Stretch Film (also known as nylon film), chit film is a film produced from the original PE plastic particles by melting them at the right temperature in the extruder. Then put in the injection mold and cool; used to wrap goods, food to protect them from harmful outside agents.

– Characteristics of PE film:

PE cargo wrap is made up of PE particles, so it has full physical and chemical properties of PE particles, including:

+ Physical properties

– PE film is transparent white (colorless), odorless.

– Does not conduct heat, does not conduct electricity.

– High strength, good elasticity (300%), waterproof / grease, does not allow air to pass through …

– High melting point (120° C), low glass chemical temperature (-100° C).

+ Chemical properties

– At normal temperature, the membrane is inert (does not react) to all solvents, and solutions of violet, acid, alkali, bromine …

– At high temperature. (over 70oC) They dissolve poorly in solvents such as mineral oil, pine oil, xylene, toulen …

– Insoluble with water, fatty alcohols, herbal oils … at any temperature.

2. Excellent benefits of PE film


PE film is made from high quality primary PE plastic particles, so the material possesses the chemical properties of saturated hydrocarbons. Therefore, they do not react with water, even at high temperatures. Therefore, the PE film becomes a water and product barrier, making the coated product waterproof.

Dust proof

In the process of production, transportation, storage, products cannot avoid environmental agents, especially dust. This dirt will make the goods become old, not clean. But when wrapped over the goods with chop film, they will create a barrier, not allowing dirt to stick to the goods inside.

Prevent oxidation

Metal products and goods are always in trouble with oxidation. Because in the air there are components O2, N2, CO2, … are the cause of oxidation, leading to flaking, rusting. To solve this problem, PE film is the perfect choice.

They are inert with solvents, do not react in acidic, basic or alcohol environments,…At the same time, they do not allow air to pass through, so the goods are safe, preventing oxygen. chemical.

Protect the product from chemical factors

The PE plastic particles that make up the chip film are ineffective with acids, alkalis, and purple drugs… Even at high temperatures, they also dissolve very little in the environment of xylene, amylacetate… Therefore, PE film helps to protect products product before chemical factors, keep the aesthetics and value of the product.

Helps to fix goods

During the transportation process, PE films not only protect the goods from dirt and water, they also help to keep the goods from moving. Because when transporting from one place to another, especially for a long distance, it is inevitable that the drop of goods or breakage leads to damage and loss of goods. And the PE film has helped to solve the above problem easily.

Protect the product when there is a collision

Collisions are a common occurrence with goods. They lead to tilt, scratches, splashes, even breaks. But with the use of chip film with high toughness, flexibility and good adhesion ability to protect the product in the best way.

Prevent theft of goods

When you use chip film to wrap pallets of goods together, they form a tight bond. Want to steal a part or a certain product, they must cut the outer PE film. As such, they will waste the thief’s time as well as easily detect even the smallest details theft.

3. Advice on choosing quality PE film, good price

Nowadays, shrink film has become an indispensable product in the commodity industry, and is popular in the market for its convenience and very affordable price. Using shrink film has become the most economical method for businesses in the packaging and transportation of goods.

However, choosing a suitable PE shrink film is not easy because there are many different types, models and sizes on the market today. Depending on the purpose of using the film to wrap for any product to choose the appropriate hand-wound or machine-wrap film.

– PE film for hand wrapping has common weights such as 2kg, 2.4kg, 4kg if your goods are small, you can use PE film to wrap your hand around the goods.

– In contrast to the PE film wrapping machine with popular weight such as 15kg, 17kg, 20kg, 25kg … used for wrapping machines, this is usually a higher requirement for using multiple wraps, fixing products.

Besides, one criterion to consider when choosing PE shrink film is the thickness of the film. The thicker the film, the greater the adhesion, but the shorter the number of meters, so you need to consider choosing to suit your purpose.

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