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Do you know how to use zipper bags properly?

Today, zipper bags are more and more preferred by customers thanks to many wonderful applications in life. Zipper bags have outstanding features such as possessing good mechanical strength, transparency, smooth glossy surface, very good waterproof ability. Therefore, zipper bags are often chosen by manufacturers as food bags, preserving goods… However, not everyone knows how to use zipper bags properly.

Therefore, through this article, Vipaco will introduce how to use Zipper bags effectively and economically.

Determining the right purpose of using Zipper bags

What purpose do you use zipper bags for? That is food preservation, food storage, furniture storage…. Once you answer this question, you will easily choose the right size bag for the purpose.

Zipper bags include many different types, such as inner zipper bags, silver 1-sided bags, vertical bottom zipper bags, silver 2-sided bags with various sizes from large to small, with rich colors. Therefore, if you want to use Zipper bags properly, you must understand the function of use to make the most suitable choice.

Use according to product properties
Each product has a recommendation for use and so does the Zipper bag, using according to the nature of the product means that you strictly follow the instructions for use of the manufacturer. For Zipper, it is not recommended to use it to store objects with sharp surfaces because they damage and tear the bag immediately.

The characteristic feature of the product is that it cannot withstand high temperatures, so the bag should not be placed near hot objects or sources of fire, especially hot food. Note to put the bag in a cool storage place, avoid high temperature because it not only quickly damages the bag but also spoils the preserved food and food.

The benefits of Zipper bags

  • Food preservation

With current technology, zipper bags have good heat resistance, from -60 degrees to 110 degrees Celsius, helping to preserve food better and safer for users. Moreover, today’s Zipper bags can also be used in chemical experiments to help scientists preserve samples from outside air, odorless zipper bags, insoluble in common solvents.

Zipper bags can store everything from fresh vegetables to meat, fish or dry and liquid foods. If you lack a cup, you can use a zipper bag to store homemade juice, seal it tightly and safely store it in the refrigerator. Besides, you can store baking powder or fresh cream so that when using it, you just need to cut a small corner at the edge and cover the cake… Ziplock bags are the saviors to keep the crisp flavor of the Snack pack you’re eating. In addition, zipper bags also make ice bags: you just need to pour the amount of water into the bag and seal it, put it in the refrigerator, then you have ice to use without using a plastic tray.

Really, thanks to the convenience of the zipper bag, you just need to put the food in and rub it again instead of wrapping it in many different layers. Some bags are even used instead of standing cups, so they are often used for business in soft drinks, milk tea, etc.

  • Zipper bags help to classify belongings more scientifically

In addition to preserving food well, not being damaged, zipper bags can also help you classify your belongings neatly. This use is most effective when you travel, go far. You should use it to divide the charger cords/accessories for laptops and phones for easy searching, without confusion. Instead of carrying messy things, you can extract shampoo, shower gel, skin care products into small zipper bags and then label them to avoid confusion. You can put the makeup tool in a zipper bag and then close it. Besides, you should divide the clothes just enough to fold them into a zipper bag, so you don’t have to worry about messing up, not finding your favorite set. In particular, small personal items should be kept in a zipper bag to be neat, you do not have to worry about rummaging through your suitcase to find.

Not only objects, you can classify documents into zipper bags, label zipper bags both to help you organize science and preserve documents extremely well, whether it’s sunny or rainy.

  • Zipper bag protects devices and electronic components absolutely

Electronics in general and automation in particular is known to be an industry that requires very high accuracy and stability. Therefore, preserving electronic boards and electronic components is a must if you want the system to operate stably.

With a strong zip lock design, minimizing electronic components exposed to the air. Thereby avoiding rust on the pins of the components, which are made of metal that are easily corroded and damaged by the environment. Therefore, Zipper bags are widely used in the preservation of important electronic components, processor chips and boards.

It should be added that components such as ICs, capacitors … are extremely sensitive if exposed to too strong impacts resulting in the circuit board not working. You can use a zipper bag with a shockproof plastic bag to better preserve components.

Prestigious address providing quality Zipper bags, good prices

With 15 years of experience in the packaging industry, Vipaco is proud to be one of the suppliers of quality Zipper bags in the market. A team of knowledgeable technicians will advise your business to choose the best product.

Quality zipper bags at Vipaco

Vipaco is proud to be the leading unit specializing in the production of high quality zipper bags to meet all the needs of users in particular and businesses in general.

  • Vipaco Zipper Bags, European quality standards, widely popular in US, Japan & EU markets
  • Produced from safe materials, no chemicals, ensuring user’s health, environmentally friendly
  • Double-sided design in the inner side – Zip lock is firmly designed for convenient use and storage of the product.
  • Its durable, tough, and heat-resistant properties help keep food fresh, attractive, and retain its original flavor.
  • Store all kinds of food, from vegetables and raw fish to dry and liquid foods
  • In particular, dry goods stored in zip bags will not be moldy, smell unpleasant, drinks will not leak to the outside, very convenient when transporting.

If your business is in need of choosing zipper bags for your products, Vipaco is the first choice. Please feel free to contact our company for detailed advice. Vipaco will make sure you get the best packaging, the best quality at the best price.

Any questions, please contact Vipaco directly via Hotline 0221 376 7968 Our staff will be ready to answer your questions.

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