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Vipaco- The future for eco-friendly packaging

In the context of extensive international economic integration, it is difficult to successfully build a brand, how to maintain and elevate that position is a “difficult problem” many times over, making many businesses businesses are concerned. With the right orientations and strategies, Vipaco constantly promotes investment in modern production machinery and equipment, researches and develops many new products to increase productivity and product quality to meet daily needs. the higher and more demanding of the market; Efforts should be made to promote export activities, expand consumption markets, and gradually improve brand position and international competitiveness.

formerly Tan Hoang Anh Co., Ltd., was established in 2006. After nearly 15 years of construction and development with many ups and downs, challenges; But with the sharp intellect, steady bravery, dynamism, creativity, dare to think, dare to do of the Board of Directors, together with the determination and efforts of the staff – employees, Vipaco has been overcoming difficulties, affirming its brand position in the market with high quality, environmentally friendly product lines, meeting European export standards.

Vipaco’s strategic product lines:

– Agricultural mulch film

– Membrane pond

– Protective film

– PE shrink film

– Drawstring garbage bag- Utility garbage bag

– Food bags/ Frozen food bags

– Canledar bag

– Medical bag/ Seal bag/ Kidney bag

– T-shirt bag

– Zipper bag

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The product line of biodegradable garbage bags is popular in the market

Determining that environmental protection is a key issue for the sustainable development of enterprises, in production and business activities, environmental hygiene is always focused and taken first by Vipaco.

Over the years, Vipaco has always strictly and fully complied with the provisions of the law on environment. The Company has built a system of internal rules and regulations on environmental protection and disseminated propaganda to all employees in the Company to strictly comply with the provisions of the law.

At Vipaco, the inspection and supervision of the implementation of environmental regulations is carried out regularly. Vipaco always performs well in environmental monitoring, periodically reporting to the authorities. Every year, the Company sends to the relevant authorities samples for analysis of emissions, wastewater, solid waste, and environmental testing. The test indicators all meet the allowable standards. Vipaco has built a system of exhaust gas treatment, noise prevention, factory cooling… Every month, Vipaco conducts periodic inspection of 5S work with the following criteria: screening, arrangement, cleanliness, care, availability ready. Industrial waste is classified according to 3R criteria for easy recycling, reuse or treatment in accordance with the law.

And especially in the research and production process, realizing that biodegradable plastic packaging products will be a sustainable solution to reduce plastic waste into the environment, Vipaco has focused on developing product lines. This has become a strategic product line…and has received the trust of consumers.

Focusing on environmental protection, Vipaco is one of the key energy users in the plastic industry, the company has conducted economical and efficient use of energy and has completed the criteria to achieve the Certification according to the regulations. ISO 14001: 2015 standard- Environmental management system with collection, analysis and assessment of environmental factors in labor at work, making a recirculating base to raise Koi fish in 2 tanks and storing into a 300m3 tank used for fire prevention and fighting.

Recirculating system for raising Koi fish at Vipaco

Investing in environmental protection activities has helped Vipaco gain many benefits in terms of economy, society and commercial location. Therefore, Vipaco always prioritizes investment in innovation initiatives to meet environmental requirements, and at the same time helps the company save input costs for production through reducing energy and financial consumption. resources, human resources. This helps Vipaco improve its competitive position in the international market, especially in the current global economic trend.

Besides, Vipaco also built a team of professional and well-trained staffs; have modern scientific knowledge and skills, have a civilized style, lifestyle, and behavior, wholeheartedly devoted to work. This is really an invaluable valuable asset of Vipaco, it is they who have contributed to creating a successful brand value.


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