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3th Vipaco Trade Union Congress

Join the atmosphere to welcome the 19th Provincial Party Congress, towards the 13th National Congress of the Party.

Implementing the Charter and guiding the implementation of the 12 th Vietnam Trade Union Charter, with the consent of the Trade Union of Industrial Zones in Hung Yen province. Today, the 3rd Trade Union Congress of Vietnam Packaging Application Production Application Company Limited, term 2020-2023 is held. Along with the company members, there were also leaders of Hung Yen Industrial Park Trade Union attending and directing the Congress. This congress assesses the results of trade union activities and the second labor worker movement, draws deep lessons learned, and then determines the goals, directions and duties of the third trade union, term. 2020-2023 will also elect enthusiastic, enthusiastic, brave and qualified comrades to the Executive Committee for the term 2020-2023.

  • The Union President stood up and spoke to begin the Conference.

This congress took place successfully. The delegation also selected a new executive committee, which is experienced and enthusiastic members of the Trade Union. Hopefully in the next term, Vipaco Trade Union will develop more and achieve the results expected by the union members.

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