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Why Choose PE Vipaco Film?

PE film, also known as chip film, is used in many different fields of life. From families with food wrap to the process of packing products or covering them to protect them, … Being a leading brand in the field of packaging production, Vipaco confidently brings to you partners and customers the best quality PE films, high durability, meeting all quality standards requirements.

PE Stretch Film (PE Stretch Film) or nylon film, chit film, is a film made from the original PE plastic particles by melting them at the right temperature in the extruder. Then put in the injection mold and cool; used to wrap goods, food to protect them from harmful outside agents.

Characteristics of Vipaco Shrink Film

– PE shrink film is made from the main material as PE resin on the most advanced technology line today, imported directly from Europe.

– 6 Outstanding features of PE Vipaco shrink film:

  • Smooth, soft, smooth, supple
  • Clear, super clear, odorless
  • Very good heat resistance.
  • High strength, good elasticity
  • Stable in all weather
  • Do not steam when packing the product

Why choose PE shrink film of Vipaco

As a leading reputable brand with 15 years of experience in the field of plastic packaging production, Viet -Vipaco is proud to be the supplier of the best quality PE shrink film. the most reasonable price for customers. Besides PE shrink film, Vipaco’s products, biodegradable garbage bags, food bags, and Zipper bags are also highly appreciated by customers.

Modern production technology line
With a leading position in packaging production in Vietnam, Vipaco has constantly researched and improved its production capacity. In order to develop sustainably and stably, the company specially focuses on core values, packaging solutions to maximize business efficiency and protect the environment.

Vipaco continuously improves its modern production line in order to bring the best quality packaging products. These equipment can be mentioned as 3-layer blowing machine, high-speed single-layer blowing machine, EVOH 5-layer blowing machine, roll cutting machine line, automatic garbage bag folding cutting machine, automatic printing machine, coiling machine. , high-quality T-Shirt bag cutting machine line, 5-layer Stretch Film Machine … ensuring the most stable productivity and product quality.

In particular, 100% of machines and production lines at Vipaco are imported directly from famous brands from Germany, Taiwan, and Italy and operate in accordance with strict German and Japanese production processes.

PE film forming process at Vipaco factory

Raw materials for high quality production

High quality raw materials are completely imported by Vipaco from advanced countries such as the US, Singapore, Korea, Japan, … Besides, we also always reserve a stable source of goods to meet the needs of the market. school and world volatility. As a result, Vipaco can continuously supply products and ensure a price stabilization policy for customers within 6 months to 1 year.

Vipaco’s material warehouse is arranged according to 5S standards

International certificate

We are confident of being the best unit currently in the packaging manufacturing sector with over 15 years of experience. Thanks to its persistent efforts, Vipaco has received many proud international certificates:

  • Quality management system – ISO 9001;
  • Environmental management system – ISO 14001 standard
  • Energy management system – ISO 50001 standard
  • Social responsibility standard – Standard SA 8000
  • 5S management standards

In order for Vipaco to achieve today’s achievements, besides the efforts and dedication of the entire staff of the company, we also rely on the reliable support of customers. If your business needs to choose PE shrink film, Vipaco is the first choice. Please quickly contact our company for detailed advice, to ensure you will have quality products with the best prices.

For any questions, please contact Vipaco directly via Hotline 0221 376 7968 Our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

Especially, when coming to Viet Nam Packaging Application Investment Company Limited, customers will receive many incentives such as:

– Delivery support.

– Support 24/7 via hotline.

– Delivery on time even though the order is large, urgent.

– The product has the best quality and the softest price in the market.

– High discounts for large orders, loyal customers.

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