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Which Food Bags Are Good?

On the market today, food bags with diverse models and materials belonging to many different manufacturers cause confusion and deliberation for housewives when deciding to buy. Follow Vipaco to follow this article to know how to choose safe food bags that suit the needs of your home!

Food bag with zipper- Zipper bag

Zipper pouches are also known as zipper bags. Bags are usually made of PE plastic with the properties of durability, toughness, withstand extreme temperatures from outside such as cold or hot, good mechanical strength, so the use of food is also very popular in electronics , components or medical items:

The zipper pocket with the mouth is a zipped zip, which makes it easy to open or close the bag, avoid external influences and keep the food fresh.

The zip zipped zip also ensures that the smells of the food don’t get out of the way and get over other foods.

In particular, the bag can hold both liquid and is very convenient to store drinks on the go.

Food zip bags are made of high quality plastic, colorless, odorless, waterproof … and can be reused many times, so they are considered to be quite environmentally friendly.

This is the reason why zipper bags are favored by many housewives for food preservation.

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In addition to storing fresh food, the Zipper bag is also used to preserve dry food and nuts

Frozen food bags

Frozen food bags are specialized bags for storing foods that need to be frozen such as meat, fish, shrimp, crab…for long-term storage. After the food is put in this bag and brought to the freezer, it will not freeze the ice, but still retain its freshness and inherent nutritional value.

The Vipaco frozen food bag can be used in the microwave

Currently on the market, some frozen food bags are designed to be more versatile, which can be used to thaw food at high temperature in a microwave. Bags usually use PE plastic material, withstand extreme temperatures without deterioration, safe for the health of your family and consumers.

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Biodegradable food bags

Recently, a new type of bag has also appeared on the market that is biodegradable food bags. These bags are also designed to be able to prevent air penetration in the long term, helping to preserve fresh and delicious food for longer.

Self-biodegradable Vipaco food bags

Compared to traditional bags, fully biodegradable food bags are judged to be healthier and more environmentally friendly because:

– The bag uses natural starches such as corn, potatoes, and cassava…. for good degradability and less environmental pollution

– Does not contain any harmful additives such as lead or cadmium, so it will be safe, not harmful to humans.

– Decomposition time is shortened in the natural burial environment, so it is very environmentally friendly

The biodegradable food bag is smooth to the touch, usually white or transparent, and not rich in color. In addition, you can determine whether the purchased biodegradable product is toxic by burning. If the product is flammable, does not smoke, the toxicity will be limited. On the contrary, if the product is difficult to burn, the product is not flammable, it does not have foam but is smoky, has a strange odor…the higher toxicity.

In Vietnam, most food bags are mainly made from HDPE and LDPE plastic films, a few made from PP plastic but the amount is negligible. In which, HDPE and LDPE plastic films are different types of PE, so they are relatively safe. Therefore, many users have switched to using food bags made of this material, which can both protect their health and be environmentally friendly, at reasonable prices.

Biodegradable bags are usually white or transparent

Foreseeing that demand, Vipaco has produced food bags using HDPE plastic and self-destructing additives, ensuring to meet the needs of users with many advantages:

Features: Soft and chewy Vipaco food bags, can be stored in the freezer at temperatures up to -30 degrees C without dehydrating the food inside the bag, keeping the freshness of the food.

Ingredients: Made from HDPE plastic and self-destructing additives, it does not contain bleach or harmful additives, so it is safe for users.

Degradability: Short decomposition time under home burial, environmentally friendly.

Certifications: Vipaco food bags are certified to European standards, favored in Japanese, American and European markets – Strict markets, always strict in environmental protection principles, Limiting the discharge of plastic and plastic products into the natural environment.

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Currently, Vipaco’s food bags are designed with many different sizes, very convenient for storing food such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, shrimp, cake … To learn and order food bags. Self-destructing of Vipaco, please visit website: https://vipaco.vn/ or call Hotline 0221 376 7968 Our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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