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Zipper Bags

Zipper Bags

Material: Polyetylen(PE)
Size: 210mm x 180mm
30 packs/box



Zipper bag

Zip bags are used in the preservation of fresh, dried nuts to avoid air contact.

In addition, zipper bag is also a companion to the electronic components industry as well as medical items or small household items that are easy to lose, …

Zipper bags printed with the names and trademarks of the manufacturer contribute to the brand management of the enterprise in the market.

Ingredient: Polyethylene (PE)

Size: 210mm x 180mm

Quantity: 30 bags / box

Note: Only use at temperatures below 60˚C

Storage instructions:

Store in a cool place, avoid contact with fire

User manual:

Used to store foods and utensils that need to be kept clean. Holding one end of the bag, press the 2 matching grooves, then swipe along the top of the bag. Very convenient and easy to use, highly applicable, so it can be used in many cases.



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