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What is Eco-Friendly Packaging? Popular Types

What is eco-friendly packaging? How many types are there, are only paper and cloth bags environmentally friendly? Why are more and more businesses choosing eco-friendly bags even though the investment costs are higher than cheap plastic bags? All will be answered by Vipaco Packaging in this article!

1/ What is environmentally friendly packaging?
Many people are asked “What is eco-friendly packaging?” immediately think of cloth or paper bags and say no to plastic bags. In fact, the concept of eco-friendly packaging is used for all types of bags to help reduce the impact on the environment when discharged. This means that the bag is made of plastic material, but when released into the environment, it can decompose in a short time, also called environmentally friendly packaging.

Environmentally friendly packaging is increasingly popular in order to minimize adverse impacts on the living environment of humans and animals. Nowadays, more and more people are paying more attention to the issue of environmental protection by changing the habit of using plastic bags to more friendly bags. Many surveys have shown that more and more customers are willing to pay a larger fee for products using environmentally friendly packaging. At the same time, many countries have also issued policies to use environmentally friendly bags.

2/ Types of popular eco-friendly bags today
With the concept of eco-friendly bags as above. We have a lot of eco-friendly bags, not just cloth bags and paper bags as many people think. Specifically, the popular types of eco-friendly bags on the market today include:

  • Paper packaging

Paper bags are the most widely used environmentally friendly bags today, in a variety of fields. The advantage of paper bags is that they decompose quickly and safely. However, the disadvantage is low durability, not waterproof and not attractive because the color is quite monotonous, cannot print many colors.

  • Cloth bag

Cloth bags are environmentally friendly bags that are becoming more and more popular, often they are handbags, tote bags … used to store clothes, shoes, cosmetics… Advantages of durable canvas bags, Can be reused many times for different purposes.

  • Woven bags, hemp, jute..

This is a group of bags made from natural materials such as natural fibers, hemp fibers woven from hemp bark, bags made from jute fibers… Usually they will be handmade bags, with diverse and beautiful designs used to store fruit, coffee, oats… The disadvantage of this bag is its low durability, if it comes into contact with water, chemicals are easily abraded.

  • Biodegradable packaging

Biodegradable plastic bags are classified as environmentally friendly bags. Because even though they are made of plastic, they have biodegradable additives, so they have the ability to decompose when released into the environment.

  • Recycled packaging

When there is no effective way to treat plastic waste, recycling is an effective way to reduce the impact of plastic bags on the environment by creating a cycle of “use – recycle – use”. Therefore, recycled bags are also classified as environmentally friendly bags. In many countries, recycled bags have become the norm for imported goods to ensure a reduction in the amount of plastic waste released into the environment.

3/ Benefits when businesses use environmentally friendly packaging
As consumers’ demand for eco-friendly bags increases, more and more businesses are willing to pay higher costs to use eco-friendly bags to pack and preserve goods.

In addition to minimizing negative impacts on the environment, using eco-friendly bags also helps support better brand promotion campaigns to consumers. On the other hand, in some countries, there is a requirement for recycled packaging, which requires exporters to meet standards.

It can be said that eco-friendly bags are the packaging solution for the future that businesses are forced to adapt to. Currently, businesses prefer to choose environmentally friendly bags from plastic to meet the criteria of goods preservation, especially when transporting long distances. Two popular bag lines are biodegradable bags and GRS certified recyclable bags.

Hopefully, the above sharing has helped readers as well as businesses better understand the question “What is an eco-friendly bag?” as well as know more about environmentally friendly bags and the benefits of using them.

4/ Experience ordering environmentally friendly packaging for businesses
Depending on the needs of use and the specific characteristics of the business product, you choose the right type of packaging, which can both be beautifully packaged and can best protect the product. If there is a need for packaging in large quantities, for continuous use, look for reputable suppliers for long-term cooperation. Here are some notes when ordering eco-friendly packaging for your reference:

  • Choose a type of packaging that can print beautifully

You know, packaging is not only for product protection. Use it for marketing purposes. Packages printed with product information or brand information will help customers understand your products better and remember your brand more. Therefore, always choose good quality and suitable packaging for printing to have attractive and impressive packaging publications.

  • Order at the manufacturer for the best price

Besides the quality of products and services, price must be something that any business owner cares about. To order at the best price, choose to order directly at the factory. When ordering at the factory, you can buy products directly without having to go through any middlemen. Therefore, the price you order will be much cheaper than when buying at distributors. Moreover, when ordering directly at the factory, you will be consulted on packaging design and printing to get the most satisfactory packaging.

  • Choose a unit with modern production technology

Unlike ordinary plastic packaging, to produce quality, environmentally friendly packaging that meets standards requires manufacturers to have modern production lines and apply high technology in production. Therefore, when choosing a supplier, you should also consider the production line and technology of that unit to make sure the packaging products from them are products that ensure quality standards.

In the North, Vipaco is proud to be a reputable unit specializing in providing environmentally friendly packaging products. With more than 15 years of operation in the field of packaging, Vipaco has been a reliable packaging supplier of many businesses.

At Vipaco, the production line is modernly invested with experienced staff, promising to be the unit to bring you quality packaging products at the best price. For more information, you can contact Vipaco right through Hotline 0221 376 7968  for advice and support.

Hopefully, the above sharing has helped readers as well as businesses better understand the question “What is environmentally friendly packaging?” as well as know more types of eco-friendly bags, benefits when using and experience when ordering.

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