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What is biodegradable bag? Why should we use a biodegradable bag?

Nowadays, the choice of “biodegradable bags” to protect the environment and reduce plastic waste is increasingly being responded to. Replacing plastic bags with environmentally friendly bags is a very practical measure to protect the green earth. However, many people still wonder if these biodegradable bags are really good or not? Should use or not? So join Vipaco to find out the answers through this article!

What is biodegradable bag?

Over the years, people have become accustomed to using plastic bags when buying goods. However, plastic bags are made from persistent substances. It takes hundreds of years for them to decompose, when released naturally, will pollute the environment. And the consequence is that human health is also seriously affected. Therefore, biodegradable bags are born to improve the living environment while still ensuring the demand for human use.

A biodegradable bag is a disposable plastic bag that is said to “decompose” faster than a normal plastic bag, making it more environmentally friendly and better for the environment. (cornstarch, wheat flour) under the influence of microorganisms in the natural environment, biodegradable packaging will transform into simple organic substances, easily soluble or even decomposes into CO2 and country.

The advantages and advantages of biodegradable bags

Similar to bags manufactured from ordinary plastic, biodegradable bags are diverse in design, color and size of products, depending on the needs of customers for the factory to advise and design appropriate products.

The biodegradable bag has good toughness and elasticity

The biodegradable bag has a smooth surface, beautiful gloss, odorless, organic ingredients that are safe for users

In particular, in addition to storage facilities, biodegradable bags are also a great alternative to reduce the “hundred-year impact” of plastic waste on human life, contributing to building a green planet. and safe.

2. Why should we use biodegradable bags?

According to scientists around the world, the difficult to decompose properties in the natural conditions of the plastic bag is the most dangerous harm to the environment. On average, a plastic bag takes 500 – 1000 years to decompose.

The existence of plastic bags in the environment will seriously affect soil and water, because plastic bags mixed into the soil will change the physical properties of the soil, causing soil erosion, making the soil unable to retain water and nutrients. and prevent oxygen from passing through the soil, affecting plant growth.

Plastic bags thrown into ponds, lakes, rivers will clog drains, ditches, canals, ditches, causing waste water stagnation and inundation leading to the production of many pathogenic bacteria. More seriously, the soil and water environment contaminated by plastic bags will directly and indirectly affect human health.

Therefore, self-biodegradable plastic bag is born as a solution to minimize the use of normal plastic bags and human health.

Biodegradable plastic bags work like normal plastic bags, but what biological plastic bags have is that they can decompose in the environment, and normal plastic bags cannot.

For this reason, let’s gradually replace ordinary plastic bags with biodegradable plastic bags.

Using biodegradable plastic bags will contribute to reducing harmful effects on the environment. Shop for yourself a biodegradable plastic bag for home use.

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