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Vipaco was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Minister of Industry and Trade

On December 21, 2020, Viet Nam Investment Packaging Production Application Co., Ltd. attended the Forum to improve productivity and quality of industry and trade industry in 2020 and was honored to receive the Certificate of Merit – Enterprise “Excellent excellence in implementing the project “Improving productivity and quality of industrial products and goods”.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Vipaco General Director & Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Vipaco Production Director at the Industry and Trade Forum in 2020.

This merit is a noble reward in recognition of the ceaseless efforts of Vipaco’s leaders and staff and the support and trust of customers and partners.
Since its inception, Vipaco has considered quality as the top factor, this is a guideline for its production activities, is the main factor to compete in the market to create the Vipaco brand. the implementation of good service, customer care.
The application of advanced technologies and equipment together with the application of management systems and productivity improvement tools has helped Vipaco to achieve high productivity, reasonable production costs, and stable quality. high. Consistent with the development strategy whose central goal is high product quality, attentive service, extensive distribution system, taking care of consumer health and putting environmental protection first, Vipaco has affirmed its prestige and position as the leading brand in Vietnam and international markets.

Vipaco always focuses on technology investment to improve product quality

Along with investing in new equipment and technology, applying advanced science and technology in the world, Vipaco has always been interested in applying advanced management models in production and business.
During 15 years of establishment and development, though starting as a small-scale enterprise, focusing on production for the domestic market, with the desire to bring the Vietnamese brand to the international market, Vipaco boldly investing in modern machines and technological lines to create high quality products with European standards and friendly with the environment. For Vipaco, each product is not just an ordinary packaging, but it is the essence of the packaging industry, crystallizing the strength, beauty and value of an entire brand.

Vipaco’s biodegradable garbage bag is a popular product in the market

Thanks to its persistent efforts, Vipaco has received many proud international certificates:

  • Quality management system – ISO 9001;
  • Environmental management system – ISO 14001 standard
  • Energy management system – ISO 50001 standard
  • Social responsibility standard – Standard SA 8000
  • 5S management standards

Vipaco’s proud international certification system

That is why the Vipaco brand has created the trust of customers and partners. In particular, Vipaco products are very popular in three major export markets in Japan, the US and Europe – markets that are difficult in terms of product quality and are always strict in environmental protection standards.
Vipaco would like to express our sincere thanks to the companionship and cooperation of our customers and partners during the past time. We are committed to continuing our best efforts, constantly innovating, providing high quality products for consumers.

P/s: Some Vipaco images in the Certificate of Merit ceremony of the Minister of Industry and Trade

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Vipaco General Director received the Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Industry and Trade


Noble Certificate of Merit from Vipaco – enterprise: “Excellent achievements in implementing the project“ Improving productivity and quality of industrial products and goods ”.

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