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Vipaco- Top Quality Supermarket T-Shirt Bag Manufacturer

With the aspiration to become the leading brand in the field of packaging production in Vietnam, bringing the Vietnamese brand to reach the international market, Vipaco has constantly invested in equipment, machinery, research to improve capacity. manufacturing. Vipaco is proud to be a pioneer in the application of modern technology in the Vietnamese packaging industry to create high quality, European-standard and environmentally friendly products. With the product of T-Shirt supermarket bags, Vipaco has quickly established its position in the domestic market, conquering 3 major export markets in the US, Japan & Europe – difficult and demanding markets. slot on product quality and environmental protection principles.

Vipaco- The manufacturer of top quality supermarket T-shirt bags

Vipaco’s factory system uses 100% of equipment and machines imported from Japan, Italy, and Taiwan.

Quality T-Shirt bags at the Vipaco supermarket

Vipaco is proud to be the leading company specializing in manufacturing high quality supermarket T-shirt bags, meeting all the needs of users in particular and businesses in general.

  • Vipaco supermarket T-Shirt bags, European quality standards, widely popular in the US, Japan & EU markets
  • Made from materials that are safe, chemical-free, safe for users, and friendly with the environment
  • Rugged design is convenient for use and storage of products.
  • Durability, toughness, good bearing capacity
  • Welded seam bag handle firmly, with good force
  • Bag colors and prints, high quality logo, sharp
  • Various sizes and designs
  • Widely applied, used in supermarkets, retail stores, department stores, shopping centers, grocery stores …

Made from HDPE plastic

Vipaco produces supermarket T-Shirt bags from HDPE plastic sourced from suppliers from reputable countries in the world, with the following standards:

  • Do not pollute the environment.
  • No mixing impurities, friendly and safe for users.
  • Does not contain harmful substances, so it does not affect the contents of the bag.
  • Can be recycled, reused many times.

Produced on the most modern technological line

Vipaco is proud to be the leading manufacturer of high-quality supermarket T-shirt bags with:

  • Modern and advanced production lines imported in Japan, Italy, and Taiwan. Vipaco applies high technology to the production of supermarket bags to produce solid, durable, beautiful and sophisticated products.
  • A team of dedicated and skilled staff, always put product quality as the top priority to bring the best products to customers.

More specifically, Vipaco has made a mark with partners and customers from the production process that has met ISO 9001, ISO-14001; ISO- 50001; SA-8000, 5S to professional and dedicated customer support and care services. Vipaco is proud to be a packaging supplier for hundreds of thousands of businesses and agents across the country and international friends.

If your business needs to choose to buy T-Shirt supermarket bags, Vipaco is the first choice. Please contact our company quickly for detailed advice, Vipaco will ensure you will get the best quality packaging with the best price.

If you have any questions, please contact Vipaco directly via Hotline 0221 376 7968 Our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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