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Vipaco Signed Contract to Deploy 3S Smart Factory Solution IFactory

On December 21, 2021, Vipaco and ITG Technology signed a contract to deploy the 3S iFACTORY smart factory solution. This is an important turning point of Vipaco, creating a solid foundation for Vipaco’s breakthrough developments in the future.

      The 3S iFACTORY Smart Factory model is considered an indispensable trend to join the global supply chain in the period of integration and Industry 4.0. As the operating heart of manufacturing enterprises, the smart factory project will help Vipaco to optimize the problems of Quality – Progress – Cost. This is the distinct value of Vipaco – a pioneering brand, leading in the field of packaging production, using modern technology, creating the best products, meeting the strict export standards of the market. Japan – America – Europe.
As a leading brand in the field of packaging production with 2 factories serving the domestic and export markets, it is in the top VNR500 and is currently a supplier of packaging for many large domestic corporations such as: Vingroup , Kinh Do Confectionery, NEM Fashion, JP Corelex VN, Horison Hotel, LiOA… and serve foreign markets such as: Japan, USA, Denmark, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France… Vipaco always strives constantly investing in technology, production lines, technology with the desire to create quality products, optimal costs.

       Packaging production is a super competitive industry, businesses that want to survive and develop in this industry need to make a difference. In terms of automation, Vipaco has invested 100% of the production line imported from Taiwan, Japan & Italy. Regarding software solutions, Vipaco trusts and chooses 3S iFACTORY solution to improve progress, product quality, and make a difference for businesses.
The project “3S iFactory Smart Factory will help VIPACO operate businesses uniformly on a centralized data platform, manage visual progress in real time, digitize the quality management process and reduce waste , support executive leadership to make quick decisions.
P/s: Some pictures at the signing ceremony of the 3S iFACTORY smart factory project at Vipaco


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