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Vipaco Rewards Children of Employees with Excellent Achievements in the School Year 2020-2021

In order to promptly encourage the children of Vipaco employees to have excellent academic achievements in the school year 2020-2021, at 5pm on September 20, Vipaco solemnly held a commendation ceremony. Although each gift is of little value, it shows the deep affection and concern of Vipaco’s Board of Directors for Vipaco’s staff.

The company’s rewards not only bring joy to the children but also a source of encouragement for employees. Thereby, helping each employee of Vipaco have more motivation to both complete the assigned work better and build a happy and prosperous family.
With the Board of Directors, each gift given is not merely material giving, but it is giving love. That is not simply a responsibility or obligation, but it comes from love and meaning. And each time you give such love, the affection of all employees is deepened once more.
Vipaco would like to send its deepest gratitude to all Vipaco employees. The dedication and unceasing creative spirit of employees are the motivation for Vipaco to constantly improve and further improve product quality, affirming its position in the field of plastic packaging production. .
Once again, Vipaco would like to wish all employees a peaceful and happy the Mid-Autumn 2021 with their families!
P/s: Some pictures in the awarding ceremony for children of Vipaco officers and employees with excellent achievements in the school year 2020-2021


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