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Vipaco- Quality, Good Price Shopping Bags Production Company

On the market today, there are many supermarket bag production companies, but not all units ensure good quality, price, product design and professional services. But when coming to Vipaco packaging, you can be assured of the above issues, we are committed to providing you:

=> The supermarket bag is durable, flexible and durable

=> Impressive design, eye-catching


=> FAST Delivery – On Time.

=> Produced on a modern and advanced technological line

=> Provide all orders with large quantity, on schedule, standard price

Outstanding features of Vipaco Shopping bags:

➨ Material: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE resin

➨ Diverse designs, impressive design

➨ Good elasticity, high applicability

➨ Various colors

➨ High quality logo printed, sharp

The benefits of using supermarket bags

Customers look to the supermarket bag manufacturing company because they understand the importance and benefits of bags to business services and build brand image.

  • Shopping bags are designed with impressive designs, beautiful details. This will be the main factor contributing to attracting the attention of customers, helping to promote the image of the supermarket through the details, images, messages printed on the bags.
  • Since they are made of HDPE material, Vipaco supermarket bags have outstanding durability compared to packaging products made from other materials; holding many different types of goods and preserving products in rainy weather conditions….
  • Shopping bags are designed with two handles, giving customers and users the convenience of easily carrying goods on hand or hanging on the car while moving without being entangled.

4 Reasons to choose Vipaco Packaging as the manufacturer of shopping bags?

Vipaco Packaging is currently one of the few supermarket bag manufacturers chosen by many domestic and foreign enterprises. So what is the reason why customers have always been with us during the past time? Let’s find out right now.

High quality, safe raw materials

With a starting point from a packaging manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience, Vipaco Packaging has quickly become the market leader in the North.

We import virgin plastic particles from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, … and undergo strict quality testing. Next, production is carried out in a closed, specialized line to create high quality supermarket bags to meet all requirements of the business.

Vipaco’s material warehouse is arranged according to 5S standards

Modern factory system, export standard

Most of the orders for export supermarket bags always require quantity and quality. To ensure this, Vipaco Packaging always has a system of factories and modern equipment ready to meet all the needs of customers.

From blowing to cutting finished products are done entirely by machines with high precision. Customers can visit our factory and sample products when they need to order supermarket bags.

Modern Vipaco Manufacturing Factory – Export Standard – Quality Commitment

Being a partner of many domestic and foreign businesses

Thanks to the strength of raw materials and modern factory systems, Vipaco supermarket bags have been selected by major brands in Vietnam such as Vingroup, Nem Fashion, Kinh Do confectionery … and many business establishments. other. In particular, our products are now available in demanding markets such as Japan and some Middle Eastern countries.

Vipaco’s supermarket bags are selected by many domestic and foreign businesses

Service quality is optimal

Customer experience is always our top concern, Vipaco is constantly changing the best services and policies for you. With a team of professional and dedicated staff, we are committed to bringing the most impressive supermarket bag designs.

➨ Viet Vipaco Investment and Packaging Production Application Co., Ltd is committed to good product quality and the most reasonable price. Long-term price stability – Maximum competition in quality.

➨ Technical team is continuously trained and improved, keeping up with the change of technology.

➨ Delivery on quality and on schedule

➨ Flexible delivery, payment and exchange policy – easy

Contact Vipaco Packaging – The company that produces quality supermarket bags, good prices to order production and buy products with the most preferential prices!

For more information, please contact:

Viet Applied Investment For Packing Production Co., Ltd (Vipaco)

Address: D1 Road, Pho Noi A Industrial Park, Giai Pham Commune, Yen My District, Hung Yen Province

Fax: (+84.2213) 967.781

Email: vipacoltd@vipaco.vn


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