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Vipaco Packaging- Modern Technology Application Pioneer

VIPACO’s precursor is Tan Hoang Anh Co., Ltd. established in 2002. Although the initial scale is small, the people here are constantly fostering their aspirations to rise and develop.

VIPACO contributes to shine Vietnamese Brand
In 2006, the Company started the production factory phase 1 on an area of ​​5,800m2, marking the transformation and birth of Viet Applied Investment For Packing Production Co (Viet Applied Investment For Packing Production Co). ., Ltd –VIPACO).

At first, while only supplying T-shirt bags and shopping bags, VIPACO with its diverse quality, designs and designs quickly conquered the domestic market. From a small-scale enterprise, focusing on production for the domestic market, but up to now, with its aspirations, VIPACO has contributed to bringing Vietnamese Brand to international markets.

Currently, VIPACO is one of the pioneer enterprises to apply modern technology to the Vietnamese Packaging Industry, ready to provide a wide range of leather packaging products to major industrial partners at home and abroad.

Recently, with a total investment capital of 12 million USD, VIPACO has bravely renovated technology, invested in new 100% new production lines imported from Germany, Italy and Taiwan, built a factory to achieve international export standards on an area of ​​more than 25,000 square meters.

Up to now, VIPACO is proud to be a prestigious unit providing packaging for hundreds of thousands of businesses and agents spread across Vietnam and international partners. The main product lines are food bags, freezer bags, Zipper bags, agricultural film, drawstring garbage bags, pet cleaning bags, PE shrink films, lake liners, …

VIPACO’s representative said: “Over the 15 years of construction and development, VIPACO has now established a solid brand position in the domestic and international markets. In particular, the company’s products are favored in three major markets, the US, Japan and the EU – the most difficult markets in terms of product quality and with the most stringent requirements on environmental protection standards. school …

However, in order to contribute to the rapid and stronger development of the supporting industry, VIPACO in particular and the supporting industries in general still need more attention, creating more favorable conditions for mechanisms, policies and sources. invest as well as build a stable development supply chain… ”.

VIPACO – Environmentally friendly packaging
Identifying environmental protection is a key issue for the sustainable development of the business, so in parallel in production and business activities, sanitation and environment are always focused and paid top attention by VIPACO. .

At VIPACO, the inspection and supervision of the implementation of environmental regulations are carried out regularly. In which, VIPACO always performs well the environmental monitoring, periodically reports to the authorities. Every year, the Company sends to the authorities the samples for analysis of exhaust gas, wastewater, solid waste, and environmental inspection. The test indicators are qualified as allowed.

To do that, it is also thanks to VIPACO’s investment in building exhaust treatment systems, noise prevention, factory cooling … Every month, VIPACO conducts periodic inspections of 5S: Screening, arranging, and cleaning. will, take care, get ready. Industrial waste is classified according to the 3R criterion, to be easily recycled, reused or disposed of in accordance with the law.

Một số sản phẩm của VIPACO 1

In particular, in the process of production research, realizing that biodegradable plastic packaging products will be a sustainable solution to reduce plastic waste into the environment, VIPACO has quickly focused on developing the This product becomes a strategic product line… and has received the trust of consumers.

Moreover, in order to focus on environmental protection, VIPACO also always uses energy economically and efficiently. The company has achieved ISO 14001: 2015 certification – an environmental management system with the collection, analysis and evaluation of environmental factors in the workplace. This helps the Company to raise Koi fish in 2 tanks and store water in a 300m3 tank, which is used for both fire prevention and fighting.

The investment in environmental protection activities has helped VIPACO to gain many benefits in terms of economy, society and commercial position. Thereby, VIPACO always prioritizes investment in innovation initiatives to meet environmental requirements, and at the same time helps the Company save input production costs through reducing energy and resource consumption. , Human. Thereby, helping VIPACO to improve its competitive position in international markets, especially in the current global economic trend.

Source: Industry and Trade Magazine


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