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Vipaco Organizes an Internal Event in November – Sharing

With the desire to create cohesion between units, departments and also to energize in order to prepare a new spirit and a new spirit, Vipaco has organized internal kickoffs for staff. its staff. At the meeting, there were the presence of Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Vipaco General Director and officials and employees of the office and production division of Vipaco.

Friendly and warm atmosphere at Vipaco’s internal meeting in November

The event took place in a warm and happy atmosphere with frank and sincere sharing from the staff of domestic sales, export sales & production department. The stories shared during the meeting helped the company leaders to better understand the thoughts and aspirations of each member of the Vipaco family, and thereby help Vipaco family members closer more, more bond together, more enthusiasm, more enthusiasm at work. Although we come from different countryside, professional fields, work in different departments, each of us is the same VIPACO roof.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Vipaco’s General Director excitedly listened to the sharing of each Vipaco employee

At the end of the internal meeting, each member of the Vipaco family left with a bright smile on their lips. Everyone has new experiences, some people can express their views, some people can prove themselves. With the desire to “stand shoulder to shoulder, accompanying development together”, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Vipaco General Director hopes that in next month’s internal meeting, there will be more shared stories and more experiences. are passed on to each other. Thereby, we develop ourselves together as well as help Vipaco become stronger and stronger. Vipaco will see everyone again at the next internal meeting with more interesting and sharing stories.

And some pictures of Vipaco’s internal meeting in November:

Mr. Dao Minh Cong – Production Department excitedly shared his reason to work because of his passion for Koi aquarium

Ms. Duong Thu Huong – Head of MT channel shared her changes after 3 months working at Vipaco

Ms. Lien – Domestic Sales Department shares her passion for learning Russian


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