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Vipaco organized a fire drill

Determining fire prevention and fighting (fire protection) is one of the important tasks in protecting lives, human health, protecting property, contributing to ensuring security, order and safety for businesses in particular. and the whole society in general, Viet Investment and Packaging Production Application Company Limited (Vipaco) always focuses and maintains the annual training for fire prevention and fighting.

To be proactive in fire prevention and minimize the damage caused by fire and explosion, on the morning of March 12, 2021 Vipaco held a fire drill at the factory and the office.

This is a practical activity aimed at raising the vigilance spirit and equipping basic fire safety knowledge for staff and workers at Vipaco. From there, it helps the company proactively handle the situation when a fire incident occurs to reduce damage to people and property.
During the rehearsal, Vipaco’s staff and employees are trained in skills, handling fire and explosion situations and manipulating the use of existing facilities at the facility (fire extinguishers, water cannons …). The rehearsal took place seriously, safely, ensuring the requirements and set techniques. The on-site forces have manipulated them proficiently, quickly, coordinated well, smoothly, successfully organized the rehearsal.

Along with the rehearsal, Vipaco has always maintained and well implemented propaganda and education to raise awareness, knowledge of fire prevention and fighting to all officers and employees in many different forms; Regularly inspect and ensure the regulations and rules on fire prevention and fighting in place in all production groups and areas, and strictly control sources of fire and explosion at the workplace, being cautious in the use of flammable substances in close proximity to and near a power source. Vipaco has set out related regulations and sanctions such as checking power sources, sources that can generate heat, turning off unused electrical equipment after each working session; attaching compliance with the rules and regulations of FPF in production emulation and other daily inspections such as: occupational safety and health, 5S, contributing to improving the management efficiency of FPF in the construction process. and development of Vipaco.

P/s: Some pictures from the fire drill rehearsal at Vipaco:

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