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Vipaco Focuses on Technology Investment, Production Line

As a unit specializing in packaging production, after 15 years of establishment and operation, Vipaco’s products have affirmed their reputation not only in the domestic market, reaching out to conquer the international market with products European quality standards, popular in 3 demanding export markets Japan, USA and EU.

Entrepreneur Nguyen Tuan Anh – General Director of Vipaco shared: Product quality is the survival, the core of the competition and the existence of a business in the market. Therefore, one of Vipaco’s top goals is “the top priority for investment in technology development and production lines” to diversify products to create competitive advantages not only in the country but also in the ambition to bring new products to the market. Vipaco products “Made in Vietnam” to the international market.

During the 15-year journey of construction and development, Vipaco always spends a great deal of investment resources to innovate technology, equipment and machinery, and improve product quality. In 2008, Vipaco invested 250,000 USD for a 6-color printing technology line in Taiwan, China, in 2009 Vipaco aimed to the Japanese market, invested in a new hook line 100% imported from Europe, Japan & Taiwan. Loan and in 2016 continued to invest 12 million USD to build factory No. 2 with an area of ​​15000m2. Therefore, Vipaco now has a system of leading modern equipment and technology lines in the field of packaging production, fully meeting the needs of the market.

The advanced machines that Vipaco owns can be mentioned such as 3-layer blowing machine, high-speed single-layer blowing machine, EVOH 5-layer blowing machine, roll cutting machine line, automatic garbage bag folding cutting machine, machine. Automatic printing, roll dividing machine, high quality T-Shirt bag cutting machine line, 5-layer Stretch Film machine….guarantee the most stable productivity and product quality.

In particular, 100% of machinery and production lines at Vipaco are imported directly from famous brands from Germany, Taiwan, Italy and operate in accordance with strict production processes of Germany and Japan.

Vipaco has made a mark with its partners and customers from the production process meeting ISO 9001, ISO- 14001; ISO- 50001; SA-8000, 5S to professional, dedicated customer care & support service. Vipaco is proud to be a packaging supplier for hundreds of thousands of businesses, agents spread across Vietnam and international partners. In the atmosphere of labor emulation across the country, Vipaco’s employees are more enthusiastic and hard at work. So that after every working day, Vipaco shipments will be linked to every corner of the country. Vipaco is proud to contribute to building a richer and stronger homeland.

The proud international certificates of Vipaco

After 15 years of persistent striving, with creative steps and the right development strategy, Vipaco has made spectacular strides, confidently affirming its position as a Vietnamese brand in the international market. That achievement affirms Vipaco’s strong breakthrough that comes from the brain, from the pioneering efforts, and especially from the inheritance and promotion of the tradition of solidarity of generations who have been dedicating to the future. make Vipaco. To this day, that pioneering torch is still burning in the hearts of millions of Vipaco packaging people. Above and below with one heart, from the leadership team to each Vipaco officer and employee, they take innovation as the driving force for rapid and sustainable development.

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