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Vietnamese Packaging- Manufacturer of Safe Food Bags, European Standard

To preserve food always fresh and delicious, besides lovely boxes, many housewives have chosen to use food bags. With the advantages of lightness and convenience, all kinds of food bags have become indispensable food preservation solutions in every family. As a leading brand in the field of packaging production, Vipaco is proud to be a reputable unit that produces safe food bags with European quality standards.

Quality food bags Vipaco

Vipaco food bags are made from HDPE plastic with soft and flexible properties, extremely good heat resistance. Especially compared to other food products on the market, the bag can be stored in the freezer at temperatures up to -40 degrees C without dehydrating the food inside the bag.

Vipaco food bags help preserve fresh and delicious food for a long time

Outstanding advantages of Vipaco food bags:

– Production on modern technological lines, European standards

– Keeps food fresh and delicious for longer

– Good heat resistance, suitable for use in both refrigerators & freezers

– Resistant to moisture, water vapor; Keeps foods from becoming dehydrated, while preserving their nutritional value, flavor, texture and color. This method of preservation retains more nutrients than foods preserved by other methods.

– Material is soft, supple, leak-proof, reusable

– The size and capacity are diverse, suitable for preserving a variety of foods, from vegetables, fish meat, fresh fruits to frozen seafood, confectionery, and dry foods are all freshly preserved by Vipaco food bags. delicious

4 Reasons to choose Vipaco food bags

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of packaging production, Viet Vipaco Packaging is proud to be a reputable unit producing safe food bags with European quality standards. Here is the reason why Vipaco food bags are popular in three major export markets in Japan, the US and Europe – those that are strict in terms of quality standards and environmental protection principles.

Modern machinery and production lines

Founded in 2006 from a small-scale enterprise, focusing on production for the domestic market, but with the desire to bring the Vietnamese brand to international markets, Vipaco has become a pioneer in the application of modern technology and Vietnam’s packaging industry to create high quality products that meet European standards and are environmentally friendly. Therefore, 100% of Vipaco’s machines and production lines are imported from Europe, Italy, and Taiwan to bring the best experience to consumers.

Some modern machines at Vipaco factory:

– 3 layer blowing machine

– High speed single layer blowing machine

– EVOH 5 layer blowing machine

– Roll cutting machine line

– Automatic garbage bag folding cutting machine

– Automatic printer

– Slitting machine

– High quality T-Shirt bag cutting machine line

– Stretch Film Machine 5 layers….

Large-scale production plant

Along with the investment in modern production lines, Vipaco has built manufacturing factories No. 1 & 2 with a total capacity of 25,000 MT / month on an area of ​​more than 25,000 square meters, meeting quality and production safety standards. top of the packaging industry. Currently, in order to fully and promptly meet the needs of packaging for the domestic and export markets, Vipaco’s management has decided to build manufacturing factory No.3 with a design capacity of 1000 tons / month and is expected to inaugurated in 2021.

Vipaco’s factory has more than 500 and highly skilled technicians, who master and master the most modern production lines of the most modern packaging production technology in the world. Experienced team of engineers, controllers and monitor equipment, monitoring the production process to the smallest details to ensure that each product always meets the quality standards, technical commitments to customers.

Achieved global quality certificates

Materials, manufacturing processes and packaging technology are constantly evolving factors. Therefore, to stay at the forefront, Vipaco has continuously updated with the latest advances and trends in design, production techniques and packaging printing.

Since its establishment in 2006, Vipaco has grown to be a widely recognized brand name and a wide network. With persistent efforts, we have achieved many achievements that demonstrate our efforts.

  • Quality management system ISO9001 standard
  • ISO14000 standard environmental management system
  • Energy management system ISO 50001
  • Social responsibility standard SA8000
  • 5S Management Standards

Commitment to quality

At Viet Vipaco Packaging, quality and safety are our top priorities. Therefore, to protect the interests of our partners and consumers, we commit to:

  • Use standard raw materials and comply with the current regulations in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, food, pharmaceuticals, …
  • Keep track of all raw materials used in the packaging at each production stage.
  • Always ensure an abundant supply
  • Vipaco ensures absolute safety for your products from traditional mode of transportation to other forms of e-commerce.
  • Commitment to fast and punctual delivery.

Now, with the advanced production line and modern production process of Viet Vipaco Packaging, finding a manufacturer of safe and quality food bags is no longer difficult. If you are looking for a reputable, quality and progress-guaranteed food bag manufacturer, Vipaco is a reliable place to cooperate. For more information, please contact us on hotline 0221 376 7968 for the best advice.

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