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Primary Plastic Resins – Defnition, Origin and Application?

Definition of Primary plastic resins

Primary plastic resins is plastic product which is born from oil . The chemical composition of petroleum is separated by fractional distillation to create valuable plastic particles serving the needs of production and consumption.

Unused primary plastic resins are usually natural white, when it is put into application, people often add color granules to get different colors such as: blue, red, purple, yellow …

Application of primary plastic resins

Primary plastic resins are often used to produce high-value items or products with safety requirements and high technology such as: medical equipment, aircraft components, cars … Plastic products Normally, we use or see it every day is mainly produced from recycled plastic.

Classification of primary plastic particles

So, have you ever wondered what kind of virgin plastic resins are made from the products we use every day? Let’s find out with Vipaco:


Hạt nhựa ABS

ABS plastic resins


ABS plastic resin: have natural white or opalescent.ABS plastic is hard and rigid but it’s insulation and not crispy, not wet. Specifications of ABS are impact resistance and toughness are used to produce Helmets, containers, and some motorcycle components.

Hạt nhựa PP

PP plastic resins

PP plastic resins: are the most popular plastic resin in everyday human life, PP is transparent white, but manufacturers often mix with colored beads to create full-color products. High mechanical strength (tear strength and tear strength), quite hard, not as flexible as PE, not elongated, so it is made into yarn. Colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic PP. PP resin burns with light blue flame, has a flexible flow, has a burnt odor similar to that of rubber. PP is widely used such as: manufacturing toys, baskets, baskets, plastic trays …


Hạt nhựa PA66

PA66 Plastic resins

PA Plastic resins have high viscosity, good toughness, surface lubrication, especially wear resistance, so they are used in healthcare, electrical components, auto parts, motorcycles, aircraft and some garment industries. , other household appliances.

In addition, in the world there are many types of plastic resins with different applications such as: HDPE, LDPE, POM, PS, HI, PET, PBT, PC, PVC …


In Vietnam, primary plastic resins are mainly imported from countries: Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia … so the selection of importers for enthusiastic advice meets the requirements. of the product, it is important that the price is competitive and the supply is stable.

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