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Mid – Autumn Festival

🌙Mid-Autumn Festival 2020: The full moon season is different

A 2020 year with many fluctuations is forecasted by showers during the transition of the old year and the new year. A year in which Covid turns things upside down in each of our lives. Mid-Autumn Festival is no exception, things seem bleaker due to the impact of the epidemic.

We are used to the bustling, bustling city streets of the previous year’s moons. So it will be easy to feel a quiet atmosphere of the mid-autumn this year, people down the street more sparsely, seemingly fading. Everyone has fears caused by the epidemic that is still there, and everyone is messed with concerns about the slowdown that Covid has brought to the economy.

But perhaps it will be okay, as we gradually get used to and adapt to those changes. Mid-Autumn Festival is the reunion festival, so let’s put aside the deadlines, busy daily activities to spend time with family, relatives and friends together to enjoy a traditional holiday, eat a piece of cake. bake, cake and enjoy a cup of tea, chatter a few stories to forget about the chaos of life.

This mid-autumn season will probably be less bustling and bustling of the lion dance drums on the street. But there will definitely be more feelings of reunion, of the reunion season that this special mid-autumn festival brings. Let’s enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival together in a different way!

Vipaco wishes all our partners and customers a truly warm, peaceful and happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 with their families.

Best Regard!

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