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Memorable Pictures of Vipaco’s 15th Anniversary

Every day, every month of the year is always associated with an imprint, a memorable event. For Vipaco, June 3 of this year is a special time, marking an important event: “Celebrating 15 years of Vipaco’s establishment (June 3, 2006 – June 3, 2021)

Sharing his feelings on the big day, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – General Director of Vipaco emotionally expressed: “15 years – a journey is not too long for a business, but for Vipaco, it is a journey with many concerns, efforts and passions. On the first day of its establishment, the company faced many difficulties and shortages, but “fire tests gold, difficulties try”, despite the difficulties, but with the spirit and will to strive non-stop, Vipaco always reaches out. unwaveringly, with one heart towards its goals and mission to make Vipaco a brand, a familiar and reliable name for domestic and foreign partners and customers.
And on the special day, Vipaco’s general director also expressed his deep gratitude to all Vipaco employees – who have been devoting to creating Vipaco of today and creating Vipaco of the future; Wishing the Vipaco family good health, happiness and success. With a unified will, a spirit of determination, and a strong desire for development, Vipaco joins hands and resolves to successfully realize the dual goals of both successful epidemic prevention and business efficiency. , prepare all conditions for Vipaco to develop and prosper in the future. Vipaco determined to win, determined to win!!
P/s: Some pictures of Vipaco’s 15th anniversary (June 3, 2006 – June 3, 2021

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