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Is it safe for health to use plastic bags to store food stored in the refrigerator?

Convenient, lightweight, greatly reduces the area when storing food in the refrigerator. Those are the benefits that make many people use plastic bags to store food in the refrigerator. However, around the issue of safety when using plastic bags for food, there are still many mixed opinions. So what is the truth? Is it safe for health to use plastic bags to store food in the refrigerator?

If the plastic bag is not recycled, does not contain harmful substances, it is completely possible

According to MSc Le Thi Hai, National Institute of Nutrition, the habit of using plastic to store food in the refrigerator is increasingly popular. If plastic bags are not recycled, do not contain toxic substances, they can be used to preserve food in the refrigerator.

However, in fact, many people now have the habit of using plastic bags to buy food at the market to preserve food, which is extremely dangerous, because these types of plastic bags often contain a lot of toxic ingredients. especially colorants (PAHs and Benzopyrene) are strong carcinogens that can be transferred to food after exposure to high temperatures. On the other hand, most plastic bags contain plasticizers, which cause food contamination, especially when in contact with greasy, hot food. Phthalates in plastic bags also have the risk of destroying insulin production, increasing the risk of diabetes.

Plastic bags of unclear origin should not be used to store and preserve food in the refrigerator

Therefore, plastic bags for food in the refrigerator are safe or not depending on the type of plastic bag you use. Absolutely do not use recycled plastic bags, plastic bags of no clear origin, red green plastic bags in markets to store and preserve food. After buying food from the market, women should prepare it, then store it in safe containers or plastic bags that do not contain toxic ingredients.

Choose Vipaco food bags – A safe, convenient and environmentally friendly food preservation solution

Keep the convenience factor of plastic bags intact. Using primary plastic particles to ensure safety for human health That’s all that Vipaco’s food bags bring to human health and the environment – ​​a leading product for green packaging solutions that are growing. Most searched for today.

Vipaco food bags are made from HDPE, which does not contain toxic ingredients

Produced on modern technological lines and European quality standards, Vipaco food bags have become an indispensable food preservation solution in every family.

The bag is made of HDPE material, non-toxic, ensuring food hygiene and safety requirements. The bag has a variety of sizes and capacities, suitable for preserving many different foods, from vegetables, meat, fish, fresh fruit to frozen seafood, confectionery, and dried food. . Especially compared to other food bags on the market, Vipaco food bags have good heat resistance, can be used in refrigerators and freezers at temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius without losing heat. water of food inside the bag.

Vipaco food bags are designed in rolls, with convenient ribbed ribbing. The sealed bag will help prevent the ingress of air and bacteria, helping to preserve the freshness of food for longer.

Vipaco food bags of various sizes, used for many different foods

How to use Vipaco food bags in the refrigerator

Choosing safe plastic bags is not enough, to ensure safety, you need to know how to use them scientifically, especially when used to store and preserve food in the refrigerator. Here are some tips for using plastic bags safely, keeping the nutrition in food:

– Prepare food, divide it into small pieces, put it in each bag, which is both convenient and nutritious
– Label the date to avoid expired food
– New food in the freezer should be kept inside. Put old food out
– Food that has been taken out of the freezer should be used immediately, do not put it back in
– With some foods like cheese, you should wrap it with foil and put it in a bag to keep it better
– With vegetables and fruits for long use, do not wash them with water before putting them in the bag

Hope the article: “Is it safe for health to use plastic bags to store food stored in the refrigerator?” provided useful information to consumers.

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