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Discover 3 Amazing uses of Zipper bags

When the demand for food preservation is high and safe for users is increasingly focused, packaging needs to be improved and more rigorous in product design and production. Zipper bags were created to solve that problem for the customer. So how is the application of the Zipper bag? And which industry needs to use this type of packaging? Let’s find out with Vipaco Packaging through the following article!

Application in food preservation

Do we need to preserve food? And is this necessary for our lives? The answer is yes.

The preservation of food helps us to prolong the shelf life of food. In addition, it also helps to keep the nutritional content of the food intact and safe for users.

Zipper bags will help limit food contact with microorganisms. Thereby, slowing down the process of food spoilage. Not only that, this product also helps dry food such as flour, cereals, seeds … avoid water completely. You will not be afraid of food spoiling due to mold.

You can completely combine Zipper bags with the vacuum method to create an anaerobic environment so that organisms cannot grow. From there, the food is better preserved, longer and fresh as when it was purchased.

Zipper bag protects devices and electronic components absolutely

Electronics in general and automation in particular is known to be an industry that requires very high accuracy and stability. Therefore, preserving electronic boards and electronic components is a must if you want the system to operate stably.

With a sturdy zip lock design, minimizing electronic components exposed to the air. Thereby avoiding rust on the pins of the components, which are made of metal, which are easily corroded and damaged by the environment. Therefore, Zipper bags are widely used in the preservation of important electronic components, processor chips and boards.

It should be added that components such as ICs, capacitors … are extremely sensitive if exposed to too strong impacts resulting in the circuit board not working. You can use a zipper bag with a shockproof plastic bag to better preserve components.

Zipper bag for cloth masks, medical masks

Masks, especially medical masks, you need to keep in a discreet, clean environment to limit the contact of bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, you need to choose for yourself a sealed packaging to avoid the exposure of bacteria and viruses.

Most masks are usually contained in mouth-sealed PE bags. These types of bags cannot be reused if you leave dirt on the mouth of the bag.

The best solution is to use Zipper bags to replace the regular mouth bags. With a sturdy, extremely convenient zip, this bag will help you preserve and keep the mask hygienic for the best.

Where to buy quality zipper bags, good price?
With 15 years of experience in the packaging industry, Vipaco is proud to be one of the suppliers of quality Zipper bags in the market. A team of knowledgeable technicians will advise your business to choose the best product.

Quality zipper bags at Vipaco

Vipaco is proud to be the leading unit specializing in the production of high quality zipper bags to meet all the needs of users in particular and businesses in general.

  • Vipaco Zipper bags, European quality standards, widely popular in US, Japan & EU markets
  • Produced from safe materials, no chemicals, ensuring user’s health, environmentally friendly
  • Double-sided design in the inner side – Zip lock is firmly designed for convenient use and storage of the product.
  • Its durable, tough, and heat-resistant properties help keep food fresh, attractive, and retain its original flavor.
  • Store all kinds of food, from vegetables and raw fish to dry and liquid foods
  • In particular, dry goods stored in zip bags will not be moldy, smell unpleasant, drinks will not leak to the outside, very convenient when transporting.

If your business is in need of choosing zipper bags for its products, Vipaco is the first choice. Please feel free to contact our company for detailed advice. Vipaco will make sure you get the best packaging, the best quality at the best price.

Any questions, please contact Vipaco directly via Hotline 0221 376 7968 Our staff will be ready to answer your questions.

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Above is all the information about the applications of Zipper bags that we want to bring to our readers through this article. And don’t forget to follow other articles on Vipaco.vn website to read other interesting information!



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