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Why are Stretch Film Vipaco so favored by customers?

Vipaco is one of the most reputable Stretch Film (PE shrink film) manufacturers on the market today. With the trust from many customers and partners during the past 15 years.

Whenever we mention PE film products, we cannot help but remember Vipaco PE film. Vipaco PE film uses the main material, which is HDPE resin, sourced from suppliers from reputable countries in the world, and produced on modern European technology lines. Therefore, Vipaco PE shrink film is a popular product line in the market because of its outstanding features compared to similar products.

Features of Stretch Film Vipaco:

  • Smooth, soft, smooth, supple, firm, effective against moisture
  • Very good heat resistance.
  • Thick film, uniform elasticity
  • Stable in all weather
  • Do not steam when packing the product
  • Diverse sizes and types meet all the usage needs of customers

Why is PE Vipaco film so popular?

Long standing reputation in the market

Having been in the PE film production market for a while, Vipaco has built a certain reputation. For customers who have experienced the company’s products, they always respond very positively. Not only that, the company’s PE film products are also widely introduced by familiar partners.

Modern PE film production technology

With machinery and technological lines invested in a synchronous way, 100% are imported directly from famous brands from Germany, Taiwan, and Italy and operated in accordance with the strict German production process. Japan; Vipaco confidently brings the best quality PE shrink film. Not only that, all packaging technology, product inspection is also implemented in the most modern direction.

Quality Commitment

Because it is manufactured under a modern production line and undergoes many strict quality checks, Vipaco’s PE film always meets the requirements when it reaches consumers. The transparency, durability and toughness of the film will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

As a pioneer in the application of modern technology to the Vietnamese packaging industry, Vipaco has continuously updated its latest advances and trends in design, production techniques and bag printing. envelope.

At Viet Vipaco Packaging, quality and safety are our top priorities. Therefore, to protect the interests of our partners and consumers, we commit to:

  • Use qualified raw materials and comply with current regulations in the production of plastic packaging
  • Keep track of all raw materials used in the packaging at each production stage.
  • Always ensure plentiful supply for units across the country.
  • Vipaco ensures absolute safety for your products from traditional mode of transportation to other forms of e-commerce.
  • Commitment to fast and punctual delivery

International standards

Since its establishment in 2006, Vipaco has grown to become a leading brand in the field of packaging production with an extensive market network. With persistent efforts, we have achieved many proud international certificates:

  • Quality management system – ISO 9001;
  • Environmental management system – ISO 14001 standard
  • Energy management system – ISO 50001 standard
  • Social responsibility standard – Standard SA 8000
  • 5S management standards

The prestigious international standards Vipaco has received

The product is safe for the user’s health and friendly with the environment

With the characteristics of a plastic product, the safety of the PE film is always the top concern. Understanding that, Vipaco constantly strives to improve its products and change raw materials to best protect consumers’ health. Besides, it is to ensure the friendliness with the surrounding environment after the product is out of use period.

Produces many sizes

Depending on customer needs, Vipaco will manufacture PE shrink film according to the specified size. This brings many benefits to the purchaser as they can choose the most suitable PE film. Producing according to customers’ wishes also helps to save significantly costs because there is no redundant or unnecessary product.

Reasonable price

One of the reasons that makes customers feel secure and use PE film products of Vipaco is the price. The proposed price of Vipaco is very affordable for the majority of customers. For companies, businesses that order large quantities or small and retail units to buy with less quantity, this price is also very reasonable.

Now, with Vipaco’s advanced production line and modern production process, finding a quality Stretch Film film unit for your business is no longer difficult. If you are looking for a reputable, quality and progress-guaranteed PE film manufacturer, Vipaco is a reliable place to cooperate. For more information, please contact us on hotline 0221 376 7968 for the best advice.

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